Walk-cycle Practice


I downloaded this rig to practice some animations with and did a walk-cycle. This is pretty much my first walk-cycle ever in 3D! All my previous stuff has pretty much been motion-captured. It’s not perfect and i might go back and tweak some bits later, but i had to stop adjusting it sometime and move onto something else. I really like this rig though its a lot of fun to animate with!

I found it here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/nQdARE

I had a couple of issues that i didn’t spend the time to fix because they aren’t really that important. The skin sort of leaks through the clothing in some parts which is annoying but doesn’t really affect anything. Maya crashed a whole bunch of times as i was animating it, which set me back a bit, but ultimately i just made sure to save often and it was fine. The textures weren’t working using the Arnold renderer so i just rendered this out using Maya Hardware. Because it’s only really for practice I think that’s fine, although it would be nice if i could get it to look a bit nicer like it does on the website i downloaded it from so i can put together a little portfolio of animations using this rig. Either way it was great practice and turned out pretty ok i think.

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