Pizzaguy animatic

I’ve been going over my ideas for this pizza-guy animation and decided to make a rough animatic for the beginning to the animation. The pizza slice is brought to life by a cute little mysterious flying robot who simply says “CONGRATULATIONS. YOU ARE ALIVE.”, before it turns around and flies off. The pizza doesn’t have much time to react and goes chasing after it. The animatic stops there and doesn’t show how he is going to tackle running through the portals, so there is still some stuff to figure out there, and when making the animatic i didn’t focus totally on the camera angles or timing, as i just wanted to show the basic movements i want the character to be doing in the scene.

Rough animatic idea

We first see this lone slice of pizza. Then this robot comes along but we don’t get to see the whole thing until the pizza does. The pizza is zapped (probably 2D effect) and then comes to life as arms and legs sprout out of its body. When the pizza first comes to life he cries and throws a little tantrum, and then is distracted as he notices his feet. I think when he is crying a 2D anime style effect where a literal stream of tears is flowing out of his eyes like a fountain would work really well and could be kinda funny. I want to try and incorporate these little cartoony effects into the film, and play with different mediums and throughout to create a hybrid animation.

He has shoes on and we never really understand why his feet just have shoes, they just do. Even though we don’t ever really know where the shoes come from, they are just part of the transformation into a living being, we must assume that they were created at the same time by the robot. I could have him with bare feet but i like the idea that the robots know that these things they bring to life will spring into action and begin moving around and make sure they have shoes to protect their feet. I don’t think the absurdity of shoes appearing on his feet will phase the audience too much more than the absurdity of a pizza being brought to life in the first place so at this stage i think it will be fine and i really want some colour on his feet.

So he notices his shoes and thinks they’re really interesting and funny and then falls backwards as he grabs his legs and shakes them around playfully, obviously enjoying himself. I want the audience to feel empathy for this character as he is so innocent. This poor little guy has just been brought alive, he didn’t ask for life, but now he’s alive and like everyone else he has to deal with that the best way he can.

Then he notices the robot above him and is interested in it but not sure how to react at first, but then like a baby grabbing towards a mobile hanging over their crib he smiles and reaches out to the robot. The robot then comes down towards the pizza’s eye level and says “CONGRATULATIONS. YOU ARE ALIVE.” Then it turns around and zooms away.¬† The pizza is upset that the robot runs away and looks around him in fear, but then he gets a determined look on his face and jumps up to chase after the robot.

I think that the way the pizza gets up could be better. Looking at the way children move around and get up from the floor could be useful to inform that movement. They often turn onto their front and push themselves up that way, as they are still figuring out how to move around and their bodies proportions affect how they interact with the environment. The pizza is a brand new being and should at least somewhat take some getting used to moving around. So when he first begins running after the robot he could stumble and have to use his arms to steady himself on his feet before he actually gets into the full swing of running. But he learns quickly and breaks out into a full-blown sprint as he tries to catch up with the weird funny thing that just brought him into existence!


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