Adobe Animate

Today I spent the morning looking at Adobe Animate. I created a simple character in Adobe illustrate which consists of a body with eyes and two legs. The legs were made from three separate parts, the upper leg, lower leg, and the foot. When it was ready i exported the parts for the character as SVG’s (Scalable Vector Graphics) which means that when it comes to animating you can zoom in and out from the character and not lose any quality.


In Adobe Animate i placed everything on the body and created a simple bone-structure rig. This joins the legs to each other and the body in a way that lets you pull them around and animate the character.


So i roughly animated the character walking to get a feel for how the software works. It’s far from a perfect walk cycle, but i didn’t want to spend too long perfecting it, although i definitely want to revisit the software and try different things out with some other characters.


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