Future Thoughts – Loek Vugs

I was scrawling through the cartoon-brew website and this really cool short film was featured about future technology in this really engaging style. The creator; Loek Vugs, is a designer and animator from the Netherlands who likes to create minimalistic and playful animations and illustrations. Inspired by Science, architecture, environmental design and videogames, you can see those themes throughout his work.

This is Loeks Graduation film, and it’s absolutely incredible!

The film is heavily stylised in this minimalist aesthetic, created in mostly black and white with occasional splashes of green, which highlights natures place within this very urban man-made, robot-controlled future world. Exploring Loeks work further on his website shows a consistent attention to detail which really brings his work to life! Often when we see future visions of the future, the themes are dark and gritty. We are so used to seeing these dystopian visions where technology has taken over our lives and the adverse affects it is having on the populations that inhabit them, that it’s really refreshing being treated to something more light and positive.

“I love thinking about what the future could bring us and with this film I wanted to create something that makes others wonder about the future too. The main focus of the film is showing multiple futuristic concepts in an often lighthearted and playful way.” [1]

Loeks use of geometry and symmetry in his work is often totally mesmerising, as shown here in the opening titles for the digital art festival Playgrounds:

Loeks website : https://loekvugs.nl/


[1] Cartoonbrew article : https://www.cartoonbrew.com/student/short-pick-of-the-day-future-thoughts-by-loek-vugs-163636.html

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