Pinkguy stuff

Pinkguy Turnaround


pinkguy turnaround.gif

pinkguy turnaround.png

pinkguy turnaorund 2.png

pinkguy tuirnaorund 3.png

Pinkguy with mask on

punching front cam0050

punching 10165.png

This is the main folder for all my 3D work (backed up in various places of course). There are CITY scenes, GRID ROOM scenes and PUB ROOM scenes. It started to get a little unorganised as i added more shots and decided to redo some, and I didn’t keep it as neat and tidy as i should have, but it worked well for what i was doing. Each folder contains all the rendered images for that specific shot. I could have probably named these folders better, but i know what each thing is and i’m the only one working on it – if i was working as part of a team i would have put more thought into the names. So for example i would have set the punching shots apart a bit more, instead of just punching 1, punching 2, etc.

folder 3D


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Animating in 2D

I painted and edited my backgrounds in Photoshop, making sure to do them the right size and then imported them into TvPaint to animate.

Each shot is saved in a folder that makes it easily accessible. So this shot is found by opening my hard drive, then going to the ‘tv paint scenes’ folder, and then the ‘arena’ folder in that and the file is called ‘celebrating.’


This makes it much easier to find everything and stay organised.

tv paint layer names


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