Arena stuff

I have been cracking on with production on my film and am currently working on the fight scenes in the Arena. I decided to slightly alter the background for the arena, to make them look a bit better and different from the room that we first see Pinkguy in. I did this by putting a couple of different effects on them using Photoshop. So now the concrete has a more smooth and painted style, where the colour flows together and has all these nice swirls in. I just think it looks more aesthetically pleasing and sets the arena apart a little bit.

The fight scenes are the final shots that i need to animate for my film. These include:

  1. Side shot (main fighting shot, low-frame with sprites)
  2. Isometric shot (Pinkguys stood around, establishing shot)
  3. POV shot (Pinkguy loading into the arena – follow on shot from the grid room Pinkguy putting on the mask – and the same shot is used for the gruesome dead Pinkguy shot)
  4. Close up side shot (Pinkguy reaction)
  5. Front on shot (Pinkguy celebrates the win)

So there are basically 5 main shots to animate. There is also the knockout punch shot, which i have some different ideas about how i want to do that, but how i do it all depends how much time i have left after completing these shots first. The side shot is the most lengthy, while the other shots are fairly simple. If i have time it would be nice to also incorporate a couple of well-animated punches and things, just to add some flavour, but that really depends how much time i have left, as i will have to edit the film together fully and finish making the music and foley for it as well, and the deadline is fast approaching!


I have been working on the sprites for the fight scene and edited together a test shot to see the progress and how it could look in the final scene. The test shot was really useful because i wasn’t happy with the first walk, and looking at it with the idle animation in the scene really helped me to decide i needed to go back and get that right. I am really happy with how it’s coming along. I am using limited frames for this shot because i want it to resemble old school arcade fighting games like Street fighter. I have been thinking about also doing a shot which is pixelated as well, to mix things up a bit and also reflect those same qualities from arcade fighting games. This would also prepare the audience for when the 3D printed models are in place of these 2D Pinkguys. It would make it clearer that we are potentially seeing the same Pinkguys, just in different mediums.

arena test shot.gif

I wanted to have something on the screens around the arena walls. Ideally i want to have a few different light sequences which will animate around the room, but they are definitely the least important part of the animation at the moment and depending on how much time i have left after animating all the other shots will determine how intricate i can get with them. I like this wave effect light at the moment though.

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