3D Printed Pinkguys

My Pinkguy models are completed, printed and painted and ready for action! I have finished shooting the short scenes i need with them and I think the results are looking really good. Now it’s just a case of editing the footage into the Maya scene and then rendering it out! I have tried to take photos of the models in various stages of their development.

Test model

Iย also used another model to test stuff out on. Because the models were printed in a white material i thought maybe i could just colour them in with pink and leave the white parts of the model white. So first I coloured it in using pens, to see if that would give me the look i wanted. But the pens i used weren’t ideal and the colours bled, so the eyes of the mask ended up looking terrible. Other than that i thought it looked ok, although the details like the white parts on the arms and legs didn’t read as well as I would have liked, and I think painting them would make them stand out more. So i decided I needed to try something else.


Raw 3D Printed models

I sanded the models down and got them ready for painting. The models have a roughish texture to them, and where the supports were the models are really rough and have some dents and things in them. Thats ok though, because i made sure to print them the right way up the supports were all on their backs, so the details on their front – the parts we want to see on camera – were preserved and came out looking really good!



I bought some pink spray paint and then spray-painted them pink all over as an undercoat. This made applying the rest of the paint easier and look better.


As you can see in these pictures, the bases i made in Maya are not exactly the same size. When i added them i didn’t take any measures to make them the same size. They won’t really be seen on camera or anything, so it’s not the end of the world, and in some ways it adds to their ‘handmade’ rough and ready quality. But if i was to do it again i would make the bases uniform, just because it would be nicer when i am displaying them.


Finished models

I am really pleased with the final models. The paint job came out alright, and they look like they are meant to look! The only thing i decided not to include were the blue lights on the mask. It would have just been two small blue dots and on the test model they didn’t really read well on camera. I don’t think that small detail will be noticed in the final film. I would have liked to have used something reflective to replicate the lights, but I didn’t want to spend even more time on the models than i already have, and i think what i ended up with looks great and works for what i am using them for. Especially because it’s just very short scenes that are within another scene (on the tv) so it’s not totally the main focus anyway.


The above picture captures the texture of the model really well (especially the one on the right) and you can see the ridges that have built up the model. I think that it’s actually really cool. I could have tried to get them printed in a higher quality 3D printer, and gotten a more smooth finish, but I am still really happy with the result.

Originally i only wanted these guys to be a quick cut for laughs – something silly and kind of juxtaposed to the other action. Although the animated fight scene is going for an arcade look, and isn’t exactly super realistic violence, this scene was supposed to end up as a joke in comparison. But things have changed, a bit. Now the footage i have shot using these models is going to be the footage that is on the tv that the audience of Pinkguys are cheering to and watching. The way they see the fights is purely as entertainment, sport for their benefit, and are disconnected from the violence on screen. So i think the use of this footage is justified in the film at this point, by using something different it highlights how the fights are a game. I am also literally holding the models in the footage and making them hit each other, much like how the players are controlling the fighting Pinkguys. So it reflects the fact that they are merely puppets being controlled by someone else.



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