I finished a scene! Or maybe i have. The loading thing might change, his chin need moving with the yawn, the shadows on his arm need smoothing a bit, i might thicken some lines to make them stand out a bit more and and i want to have a small pause when the green guy comes on screen and Pinkguys eyes open wide. There might be more highlights on Pinkguy as well – as if there is a light above him, but i’m not sure.

For now this scene is finished though and i will revisit these changes when i have completed the rest of the scenes that need doing. Time permitting i will do a second pass to correct these little bits and pieces. I am very pleased with the way he is moving and how the thing looks – it’s all actually coming together as planned!

Originally there was no loading bit, but after reviewing the animatic and thinking about it decided it would be better if there was a small moment between Pinkguy waking up and the Green guy appearing. This gives Pinkguy the chance to yawn, and then be abruptly interrupted by the Green guy, rather than being interrupted from sleep – so we get to see him being him for a moment before it all gets weird. I thought it would be more effective than just going straight into the brainwashing and would show him being normal for a hot second.

I made the static tv images in Photoshop by adding noise to a black background, then changing the setting slightly for different images to make the static dance. I made sure to show that the tv and green guy are giving off light around the room – which also flashes a bit. I then added them into the scene in Premiere Pro and adjusting the scale and position of them so they sit in the tv screen. I used ‘corner pin’ to adjust the static properly as well, so that the border around it was a uniform size.


Static images:

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Loading images:

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