Happy Pinkguy

This is another set of motion-captured data that i did, and blend-shaped animations for his face. I wanted Pinkguy to have a bit of a spring in his step in this little walking bit because he is walking along after being brainwashed. He’s on his way to a fight to the death but he doesn’t realise it! Poor lil guy. At least for now he couldn’t be happier.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (25)

I opened up my toon-shaded and upgraded city and created a reference to the walking Pinkguy filen in Maya. Then i rendered it out normally and in Arnold with Ambient occlusion, but unfortunately I noticed i forgot to add the outline to Pinkguy before doing that. I also noticed the building doesn’t actually meet properly with the ground so that’s something else i want to fix before i render the final shots as well. It is still a good example of what a final shot of Pinkguy walking in his city looks like!







I played around with the final shot in Premiere just to see how it could look with a vignette and stuff. I’m not sure i would put one on the final shots but i thought it would be fun to see how it looked and maybe get some feedback on it.

I think the shot without ambient occlusion on Pinkguy probably looks the best – there is a shadow under him and he still looks like he is toon-shaded and the colour isn’t as washed out.

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