So last Friday i put on a special suit, covered myself in balls and recorded some Motion Capture data! It was brilliant! The first thing you have to do is calibrate the motion capturing room first. There are 12 little cameras set up around the room and you have to wave a wand with three balls on it around. Then you use an L-shaped device with another three balls on it – and a couple of levels (bubble things for checking things are straight) on to make sure it’s flat to calibrate the ground. Then the room is basically ready to go.

It was so much fun! For my first time in the mo-cap suit i think i got a lot of usable motion, although once i got the data back into Maya and attached it to my 3D Pinkguy model character there were some parts that didn’t look quite as convincing as i had thought they might. When it comes to motion capture I think you have to exaggerate the movements a little sometimes to make it look realistic and more dynamic. But for a first go I was able to record a lot of usable stuff, some punching and kicking, walk cycles, celebrating, and some other stuff. (18).gif

Ok so this doesn’t actually look like Pinkguy is properly putting the mask on, but I just wanted to quickly render something out to give the idea of what’s happening. I want the camera to fly around Pinkguy and I think I should also have it show the front of the mask as it moves towards Pinkguys face. I like the mask just floating slowly towards Pinkguy, like it’s possessed or something unnatural – although I do wonder if this is too weird. I could have it being held by something which detaches when Pinkguy grabs hold of it. There are also breathing holes in the inside of the mask which you can’t see here, but that would be nice – maybe the camera could fly around the mask and then around Pinkguy as he puts it on? That’s something i want to play around with once i have finished animating this scene properly. (9) (19) (10) (16) (11) (17) (20)

The Pink colour is a little bit inconsistent as i was just rendering these out to see how they move, but I will have to make sure that when it comes to the final shots the colours are all consistent throughout the animation. I tried a few different outline widths and I like the thinner line more than the thicker ones.

I want to capture some more punching and kicking data. I got some good stuff but i need more! The Pinkguy we see here is supposed to be a ‘player’ controlling the other Pinkguy, so he’s not necessarily very good at punching and kicking, but i want to get some more options and some stuff that looks better. I also need to do a motion capture of the stamping that looks more energetic – maybe the Pinkguy could punch the ground as well and just go a bit extreme – it would be fun to capture as well! (12) (13) (14) (15).gif

I got a lot of good celebrations and cheering motion, but would probably like a bit more. I captured this stuff with the audience in mind, and would like to do a celebration with the fighting Pinkguy in mind – like he’s just won the fight. The audience are going to have the white parts on them as well, as they are all waiting to take control of another Pinkguy to fight with, and when not fighting they are watching.

Anyway this is some of the data I captured and my model the way it will look in the final animation. I need to put him in the environments i have modelled but this is pretty much how it’s going to be and i couldn’t be happier with how it’s coming along!


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