Pinkguy Punching

I finished modelling and rigging my 3D Pinkguy in Maya and wanted to see how he would perform in Motion Builder 2018. I used a punch action that was available already just to see how my model would perform. For the most part he moves well and looks good, and it all functions as it should! There are a couple of slight deformations on the sides of his head which i can fix before i use my motion captured footage, which I am ready to capture! There is also a clear line around his body at his hips which is not as smooth as I would like, but overall I am really happy and think the model is basically ready to go! (4)

I put two normal directional lights in the scene, above Pinkguy and also at an angle, and then another blue directional light from the side. I then rendered out the punch from a few different angles to get a good look all around the model.

During pre-production i made the decision that Pinkguy would not have obvious tech that is controlling him, apart from the mask, but after a while i changed my mind and added the white dots. Now i kind of wish I had designed a bit more to the tech, maybe a wearable suit or belt, or some kind of controlling device stuck onto his back. When we are introduced to Pinkguy at the beginning of the film he is just this plain pink sausage guy and then we see him with these white dots and aren’t sure what purpose they serve. Then the audience sees that these two Pinkguys are in different locations and moving in the same way, at the same time, and both have these white dots and masks on, so the audience sees this connection, and can determine the purpose. The are added off-screen, and the audience wonders how they are attached, whether it is an easy process or something more surgical.

They work but I just think that was probably a bit of a missed opportunity and could have featured some cool device or something. I think once the mask is added it will definitely bring the look together anyway.

The face and mask models are both separate and can be added when needed in each scene. (1) (2)

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