One of the things i worked on today was the elevator! I made two frames of Pinkguy looking excited and happy and animated the scene so the lights were flashing. I added shadows and some highlights to Pinkguy and edited it in Premiere to look like it was moving down the frame.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1)

I wasn’t happy with it though, so i decided to go back and work on it. I wanted to add some buttons to create a bit more interest, so the buttons could be lit when the lights flicker and also have a button or two flashing. I also added more grime and textures to make the elevator come alive in a way it didn’t before.

I thought the elevator coming down on it’s own in the middle of the screen was good, but I also thought it could be better, and after showing it to an audience and getting some feedback I decided to try something a bit more dynamic. By having three elevators come down, one after the other, in different sizes it’s a bit more visually interesting. The elevator is getting bigger the later we see it appear on screen as it descends further, like it’s reaching it’s ground floor destination. I think there’s still work to do on this scene but it’s definitely coming along really well!


I also added some Foley, metal screeching and clanking, a machine humming, and i played around with some effects to see what they did and see if i could enhance my sounds. I made some metal sounds echo like they were falling from a height and hitting things farther away to create this sense that we are in an elevator shaft.

The elevator background:


The frames for the elevator animation:

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