Green Head Guy Brainwashes You!

I spent a little bit of time today playing around with some effects for the Green Head Guy. I wanted it to look like he is glitching out and then revealing this scary under-face – with sharp teeth and in this version dark bottomless-pit eyes. He is nice on the surface but accidentally glitches out and shows his true colours – and they are not nice at all! Unfortunately Pinkguy has already been hypnotised and left the room so he doesn’t see this  – but the audience gets to see that something is not quite right…

To make this animated gif I used a wave warp effect, twirl effect, luna corrector/luna curve, turbulent displacement effect, and spherize effect. I am really happy with the glitching effect I have achieved using these Adobe Premiere tools and I had a lot of fun making this version of Green Head Guy glitching out. It was really useful for when i come to animating the final glitching version for my animation.

I then uploaded the finished gif to for the #CharacterStareDown contest. I thought that the Green Head Guy would fit in perfectly as he is a super cool, hypnotising, brainwashing machine!

Pictoplasma’s new CharacterStareDown challenge invites you to make eye contact, stay focused and hypnotize your audience with a looping, animated GIF!

More info here at



These are the frames i made in Photoshop for this animated gif before adding any effects!

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