Plant room (360)

Plant Room, by Jeron Braxton & Julian Glander, moves a camera through four virtual environments, each one increasingly saturated with technology and decreasingly populated by actual organic life. The viewer is encouraged to examine these environments from every angle, while contemplating the necessary trade-off and balance between digital stimulation and oneness with nature.

Definitely check out their websites (linked below) for more amazing awesome cool stuff!                                                             


Plant Room takes a journey through four life stages, each showing how technology can take over. It begins in a pristine natural environment that eventually, as Glander describes it, “devolves into a psychotic techno-mainframe kinda deal.”

The short was originally intended as a traditional narrative piece, but the pair had both been keen to try out immersive content. Using the open-source Blender software, Plant Room’s environments, props and characters were crafted by Glander and Braxton in 3d. Once the decision was made to make the piece a 360 degree video, Braxton notes that the project files and environments had to be re-visited and updated to make more sense in that space.

The viewer can see just about anywhere, which creates issues about where to make them look, and where to add more or less detail. The filmmakers handled this partly by creating generative and procedural effects to fill the scenes, and relying on the default camera placement.


I really enjoyed this piece of animation, and I really like 360 videos. There have been a few that i watched multiple times, checking out all the different things that happen in them. I think they work especially well with music videos and generally as vr is becoming more popular and accessible to everyone 360 videos will only become more prevalent and relevant! It’s definitely something i’d like to explore in the future. I was talking to someone recently about 360 videos and if i can make the time i would love to make a trailer for my short film 101 in 360! I think that would be a lot of fun and would definitely be a especially cool as a trailer. i imagined it could be the train scene – and it would introduce all these Pinkguys sitting on the train with huge grins on their faces. It’s a fun idea i’d like to pursue if I have time after production on the film is all wrapped up anyway.



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