3D Pinkguy

I got a lot done with the 3D model of Pinkguy today. I fixed some problems with the model and then worked on all the blendshapes. There’s a lot to think about when doing blendshapes, even though my character is only going to really utilise some of the blendshapes i wanted to make sure he was as expressive as possible. I also really like doing blendshapes and wanted to use this as a time to make sure this character could do more than necessary, rather than just making sure he could animate what i needed for the specific scenes – which would have been more practical.

His eyes:

  • blink
  • move up and down
  • grow bigger
  • shrink smaller

His eyebrows:

  • become surprised
  • frown
  • move down

His mouth:

  • frowns
  • smiles
  • goes together (both vertically and horizontally)
  • grows bigger
  • goes into an ‘o’ shape
  • moves up and down



The white nodes on his arms and legs are meant to be there. They are supposed to be these little devices which in the story are used to transmit information which allows one Pinkguy to control the other in the arena fight. I wasn’t going to put them on initially but after getting various bits of feedback and thinking about it more, something was needed to help communicate to the audience that there is a technology which is helping one Pinkguy control the other. So these nodules are that. It’s still somewhat mysterious how it works, but with the addition of the mask as well as these nodes, it should be a bit more clear that these are probably how it works. The only other thing i can do, if there is time, is to show a scene where one of the Pinkguys gets these things attached to him.

pinkguy full

Front view

pinkguy front

Side view

pinkguy side

Top view

pinkguy top

I used blendshapes to form his hand into a fist for when he is going to be punching! I just moved the vertices around like normal and think it works really well!

pinkguy hand openpinkguy hand closed

Some of the expressions that Pinkguy is capable of:


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