KLOMP! Animation

KLOMP! is a Dutch animation studio based in Rotterdam which specializes in traditional 2D animation.

These guys have been making fun animations for a long time, and their most recent short film is just great so I had to share it and some of their other wonderful work!

This was made with the support of the Dutch Film Fund and Pathé who supports animation studios to make animations which feature before films at the cinema! Screened at a dozen-and-a-half film festivals, and in front of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ in all Dutch Pathé cinemas.

Haring was created for the same program to play in front of a big summer movie in all Dutch Pathé cinema’s. Haring was put in front of Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy!’

Sheeped away is so much fun! It was Junaid Chundrigars graduation film!

They’re the guys who partnered with the famous Youtube channel How it should have ended and made Hero Swap! Hishe make some great animations but Hero Swap is definitely my favorite! It’s such a cool idea to mix up different heroes stories and seeing what they come up with is always fun!

There are more shorts, web series links, commercial animations and music videos on their website:



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