Green Head Guy

Green head guy in his final form Ya’ll!

I am really happy with the this character. I took inspiration from retro computers with the green on black colour scheme, and I think it works really well. I developed the original concept, which featured fewers lines, and took inspiration from circuit boards from the motherboards of computers. The lines snake around the face and are made up of straight lines, while his friendly smile and eyes are contrastly made up of curvy smooth lines. The point being that he has been designed to look friendly, but really he isn’t at all! The lines are all symmetrical, and uniformed, and the overall feel of the character is robotic and artificial – unnatural! This character appears when Pinkguy wakes up and immediately captures his attention, so I wanted him to be really visually interesting, and also stand out from the monochromatic environment.


His eyes will still pulse in that hypnotic way!

green angry face yo

When this character glitches out, it is meant to show a darker more scary side, and contrast from his smiling and happy face. Like some evil two-faced cyber monster who tells the audience that although Pinkguy looks super happy, there is something bad going on that we aren’t aware of yet, which foreshadows what will happen to Pinkguy later on.


Fill the screen or not so much fill the screen? hmm…


green head angry up on wall far thing like.jpg

He glows!

green glow on happy green ehad guy

green glow round angry green face guy

So yeah! Thats the Green head guy. I couldn’t be happier with how he has turned out and it’s been a lot of fun developing this character!

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