Collaborative Animations

Bartkira – Akira but with Simpsons characters

Set in the Simpsons universe, the original Japanese animated masterpiece Akira is brought back to life!

Ok so this is probably the greatest thing i’ve stumbled across online in a long time! I remember seeing the trailer a while ago, but I had no idea there were graphics novels worth of AMAZING artwork sitting on some website just waiting for me to binge read! Literally the whole of Akira is being created in different styles by loads of different artists and its just brilliant! The images below are only a very small selection of the art on offer, in fact they are all from volume 1 of 6! I definitely recommend checking the website out and reading through the graphic novels, whether you’re an Akira fan or not!

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70 Animators Re-Animated A Classic Woody Woodpecker Short

I remember Woody Woodpecker. And i didn’t love it tbh. But this version has brought it to life in a way the originals never did! The contrast of different styles make the film a totally different viewing experience than if you were to just simple watch it in one style. It turns something normal and comfortable to watch, into something surprising and different. It makes it new and every moment is captivating because of the little touches here and there that individual artists add to the scene, with so many different styles it manages to stay fresh and interesting the whole way through.

The thing I like about this kind of process and animation is that there is always a bunch of styles to draw inspiration from. It’s like a jam-packed inspiration-fest of animation and art!

Bob’s Burgers – Brunchsquatch

I think i shared this before but it’s worth sharing again! This is the 100% fan-drawn animated episode of Bob’s Burgers. If you haven’t heard about it before, Bob’s Burgers is a fun little animated show about a quirky family set in (I think) New Jersey.  The father (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, the same guy who voices Archer – another brilliant animated show you should probably be checking out if you aren’t familiar) owns and operates a Burger bar, and the animation centres around his family and a great supporting cast of interesting and funny characters!

This particular episode was a step outside of the norm for Bob’s burgers, but it was glorious! Different scenes, shots, etc, being animated in different styles seems to have become somewhat of a trend, although still a bit of a quirk, it’s something i would love to see other animated shows indulge in. At least for a one off like this episode. Although they aren’t what we are used to, they are a visual delight, and feel like a treat, especially when you’re expecting your normal show in one style and suddenly you’re witnessing something totally unexpected! There are shows which feature characters in different styles, while the worlds change infrequently (Gumball, Spongebob), but they retain some continuity somewhere. What these collaborative efforts have shown us (imo) is that you could totally make a tv show where the animation styles vary wildly from shot to shot and while not for everyone, there is an audience for them, even if a niche one maybe. For now these amazing collaborative efforts will have to satisfy, but the future is super interesting for animation anyway!



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