Backgrounds and progress…

I’ve been working on the backgrounds, working from and developing the concept art I created and turning them into finished products ready for animating! I am really happy with the isometric view of Pinkguy’s room. I am still not completely happy with some of the other backgrounds, but they are fine to begin animating with for now. Some of the close ups could do with a bit more details and better texture to them, and there’s probably a bit too much green on some of the walls. These are definitely the final angles and everything that should be in shot is in shot (barring any new shots that i add to production anyway – e.g. a side shot in Pinkguys room – showing him staring at the screen and the door he will exit from as well).

I’m also not sure about the Audience room. I wanted it to look like a sterile environment. The audience that occupy this room are the characters who are glorifying and revelling in the violence. They are sort of the affluent side of this dystopian society – and my film doesn’t really establish or go into detail about this in an obvious way for the viewer. The fighters world is dark and grey and dirty and the audience/players world is light and sterile and clean in comparison. It is meant to be sort of black and white, metaphorically and actually. So the viewer will be able to see that there is a difference in these two distinct worlds. When the player and the fighter move in the same way (and split screen should really send this message home) it will become clear to the viewer that these are two different worlds.

Pinkguys room

Isometric view

isometric room view background

Wall behind Pinkguy

room wall

Wall behind Pinkguy close up

room wall - closer shot

Tv on wall

tv on wall Pinkguy in bed

(I realised that there should be the side walls in shot for this shot when i was making it, something i neglected in the concept art and when i was putting the shots together for some reason…)

Tv on wall close up

tv on wall close up

It would be great to get a side shot of Pinkguy as well, so I want to create the background for that and then if there is time to animate it, I want to fit that in as well.

The Arena

Isometric(ish) view

arena isometric

Side view


(Too many spots on the walls)

Side close up

arena closer 3

Front view

arena front view

Front view angled down

arena front view lower (body view)

Audience room

Tv on wall

pub (tv on wall)



Other wall close up

pub other view

Wall low angle

pub low angle

I think the little symmetrical vents work really well, but perhaps the pipes – while they create some interest in an otherwise featureless background, are unnecessary and detract from the world. I wanted to just have something else going on, but the jumping, hollering Pinkguys’ will fill most of the screen and I don’t need anything distracting from them really.

Grid room

I finished modelling the 3D Grid room, and I put a temporary meeple into the scene and animated the sliding doors so I could see how the shadows and lighting look at the moment. Overall I think it looks really good. I think once Pinkguy steps into the room it should become more illuminated. I also think the middle circle he steps in would look good if it lights up in some way (maybe a flashing blue) until he steps into it and it stops flashing. It would have an appropriate sound accompanying the flashing light. Similar to an arcade machine encouraging a patron to enter another coin to continue playing the game.

When the grid room is first on screen I have it flipped 180 degrees so it looks like a strange cube. Then in slowly rotates to its right side and the doors open, and then the audience realises its a room! I think if it slowly rotates it has this captivating mystery to it, and the audience wont know what it is or what is going on. It makes it more interesting and the foley accompanying it could be really interesting. I think in this test it actually rotates a little too quickly. It could be a ‘loading’ sound which accompanies the rotating.

grid room3

grid rooom1

Cutting room floor…


I have been trying to work out exactly which scenes are absolutely vital to the film and need to stay and which are kind of superfluous. Not only to make the production more manageable but also to make the story flow better and work more effectively at conveying the action i want when i want it!

  • The birds eye view shot of Pinkguy lying in bed on his side
  • The white lines in the trippy sequence
  • The train sequence
  • Pinkguy looking at the tv in the Grid room (the same information can be achieved with Pinkguy simply walking into the middle of the room and receiving and putting on the mask. He doesn’t need to be scanned or anything, a flashing light would be just as effective).


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