The game is a procedurally generated universe in which players can take control of almost anything, from a herd of moose to a microscopic cell. the piece is now the first video game ever to become eligible for an oscar, after receiving a jury award at the vienna shorts festival. [1]

David oReilly has made a new computer game and it looks really interesting! In his usual low-poly style, the creatures which inhabit the worlds move in unusual and playful ways – it’s different. Games often strive for realism and natural movements, but David has gone in a completely different direction while still making the world you explore feel real somehow and alive.  It was recently featured by the wildly popular youtuber Pewdiepie in one of his gaming videos (and has well over 4,000,000 views currently)!

The entire idea came very quickly one day; it’s a very simple thing but it took years to pull off – and it definitely evolved over time and took directions that could never have been predicted.

Every single aspect of the game was created from scratch so there’s hundreds of little stories of how systems were created and started affecting each other. It’s a really organic process compared to filmmaking; they are really very different processes. [2]



Definitely worth checking out and becoming an island and swimming around the sea and then rolling around as a stick for a bit!

[1] – https://www.designboom.com/art/david-oreilly-interview-everything-animation-08-23-2017/

[2] – http://www.cartoonbrew.com/interviews/everything-creator-david-oreilly-hard-truths-moving-away-animation-150296.html

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