I think this is the final concept art for this character, i keep adding and changing things, but I think this is about it. It has sharp pointy teeth hidden behind it’s smile, to show it has a more sinister side to the audience when Pinkguy is not looking – like the teeth of a wolf about to attack and eat its prey. Pinkguy is at it’s mercy, like a prey animal, but he doesn’t know it..

The eyes will pulse/blink in time to a sound effect – hypnotically – as it brainwashes Pinkguy. It should be a sort of soothing sound, nothing jarring, so that it is appealing to the audience as well. Then when it glitches out the noise should be like a broken record – not the sound of a broken record, but the soothing sound should get stuck and repeat – like it has broken.

The lines across it’s face are like an ordered robotic skeleton structure. It’s undead, and eternal – not living  – but it has a face. The thinner lines behind are like a the lines on a globe, like how an atlas or map of the world is divided. It is all the world Pinkguy needs to know – and all he gets to know. It’s face is divided up into segments, and I think these lines gives the flat face a bit more shape and volume, and make it more interesting.


I think the eyes shrink a bit too much in this first gif test. I think the blink is too fast as well – it should be a slow methodical plodding blink. And then something faster for the glitching out, to have more of an impact.


I like the slow pulse of this second gif, and then when it glitches the quick pulsing of the eyes along with the sharp teeth reveal. It’s something controlled and happy, and then when it glitches it should give the audience the feeling that it is not supposed to do that – and it’s something sinister, but without knowing what that is yet.



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