Arena Backgrounds

I decided that the arena could be improved by making it a different shape. The square shape was reminiscent of a boxing ring, a classic shape for a fighting area – but an eight-sided octagon is also used for some fighting arenas (mma). I think that this looks more visually interesting, and allows me to have three screens in frame at one time.

arena view (nothing on screens)

arena side view (nothing on screens)

In this nearly identical second picture the red line is reflected in the screen above.

arena side view (red line reflected in screen)

Perhaps the line doesn’t need to go up the wall, and could just be on the floor?

I’m still deciding on the final design of the big green head, but I want his eyes to grow and sort of pulse as they do. The eyes should help to signify that the big green head is hypnotising Pinkguy – so a movement is needed to get this point across.

arena side view (big eyes green head guy)arena side view (small eyes green head guy)

Another design for the text –  circles and lines – sort of a like morse code. It is always symmetrical, and made up of various

arena (text on screens)

arena side view (text and red line reflected)

A mockup of the two Pinkguys with their fighting masks on in a fighting stance ready to battle to the death!

arena (pinkguys ready to fight)

There are two shapes for the arena that I am thinking of – six-sided and eight-sided.

The eight-sided is like the mma style octagon rings that exist in the real world today. It’s the same shape as a stop sign, which might make the audience think of it as a sign.

arena birdeyeview

The six-sided ring is the same shape as the room at the beginning – and could create this visual affinity. The room he is in at the beginning is no safer than the ring he has to fight to the death in. The grid/clean room is also the same shape and would also have this same shape running throughout the different environments. I think i prefer the six-sided one because of these reasons.

arena birdeyeview 2

room top lightRoom natural tv light on

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