3D Pinkguy

I have been working on my 3D stuff – this is near enough the finished model of Pinkguy! I have also pretty well finished off the city and the exterior of the fight club as well – which is all the 3D stuff! (Although i do want to model a tank as well – so I can have a few of them littered around the environment, and ideally rolling around. And maybe a drone flying about as well…) I need to work on my lighting, because that is still something that I am not as confident in, and I need to get Pinkguy all rigged up ready for animating as well, but it is getting there! Although after my latest version of the film, the 3D stuff takes a back seat – which i’m not completely sold on – but as long as i get the shots I want I can edit the film at the end into a couple of versions to see what I like better. For now I just want to finish creating all the necessary assets in 3D and then fully concentrate on the 2D backgrounds and everything from there!


Train Test

I am really happy with how this came out. I think the train should probably be dirtier, and a bit darker. The posters should be black and not white, to add to that general feel and look better. The top lights are soooo bright, maybe there could be a darker shade to them and everything else? Although I like the contrast between the dark areas and then this super bright and somewhat clean subway train which seems so different – being the only photorealistic environment in the film. I guess it’s just something I need to decide, I still want to create these slightly differing styles for the film.

  • Outsiden = 3D
  • Inside = 2D
    • Lower world = concrete/dark/dirty
    • Higher world = plastic(shiny)/light/clean
  • Underground = Photorealistic 2D

Pinkguys style should be consistent throughout the film, and keep the whole thing tied together and feel like one world – but with these differences which reflect the internal politics and differences of the world.




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