Low-poly city development

I made a couple more quick low-quality renders of my low-poly city to see how it would look and generally get a feel for things. And I think it’s looking pretty good! I have to fix a few things with the building model (some faces are the wrong material), and I want to remake the street light so that the light looks more natural, but this is pretty much how I think the final part of this city will look.

I really like the way the city looks – the ‘endless’ uniformity and symmetry that gives this sense that it goes on forever and there’s nothing special about any of it. It’s all the same and its dark and grey and there’s basically no colour except for the light – the red lights standing out in particular, which mean stop – which is ‘advice’ our main character should take, and also reflects the rules of the city that they must obey (at all costs!). The other colour will be the Pinkguy’s when we get down to ground level, as they stand out from the monotone background. I like the way the window material has turned out – every window being lit as well, as if the characters have no control over the lights and they just come on and go off each day at a certain time – or they don’t because the city is in perpetual nighttime thanks to the buildings being so close together and so little light getting to the ground floors – also the population being knocked unconscious by the establishment so they don’t notice. The bars that come down to block roads and walkways work really well to add to the prison feeling – i think there should be towers at certain intervals along the wall as well in the final model.


I think the way it tilts as it travels down works really well, giving this sense of falling and something being wrong. After some establishing shots I think this kind of dive down to ground level could work really well in the final film.

I’ve been playing around with foley to see what sort of moods and feelings I can get with different sounds. Some of the sounds I have used:

  • Breathing
  • Heartbeat
  • The inception gong
  • Various Bass notes
  • Wine glass sustained note
  • Various ambiance
  • Siren
  • Distant explosions
  • Clangs
  • Wind

I really like using a loud noise on the cuts (not necessarily the gong noise although I do like it), and the sustained beats at regular intervals throughout – like it’s building up to something. At this stage I am just trying different things, but i think some of these sounds have worked really well together and when it comes to editing the final sound should give me some good ideas for I can use.

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