F!6#+ is the working title for my thesis film. The film is in gibberish, the spoken and the written language, and I was thinking of using various existing letters and symbols to create the language. F!6#+ looks a bit like FIGHT. The F is just an F. The i is an exclamation mark(an upside down i). The G is a six (pretty much the same shape). The H is a hashtag symbol (a H with two horizontal strokes) and the T is a plus symbol (which is basically a lowercase t in some fonts). So i think people would be able to see that’s what it is supposed to say – at least once they have seen the film anyway. If they didn’t make the connection until the end that would be better in some ways – because when they saw the name they would wonder what on earth it was supposed to mean! Hopefully there would be a moment when they put it together and realised. I think the specific font and typography will be really important to get right with this title to make all that work – it’s a minor concern for now anyway but I really like the idea of it!

I made some concept art on my phone when I couldn’t get to my computer.

The TV on Pinkguy’s wall:


Paradise on Pinkguy’s TV:


I think that there should probably be a few images for paradise – but maybe all of the same scene. A tree in a lush green field against a blue sky. A far shot, mid shot and a close up. I want to use these as bits that break up the action as Pinkguy travels from his home to the arena. Light spots dance around the screen like they are being blown gently by the wind.

Paradise glitching out on Pinkguy’s TV:


I want the paradise to glitch out at some point – I’m not sure when, originally I was thinking at the end. So when Pinkguy is rubbing his head the second time at the end we see the TV and paradise glitches out, but Pinkguy doesn’t see it – this suggests that Pinkguy’s could catch the glitches and question what’s real, but perhaps the conditioning is too strong and isn’t a concern for the higher ups. It could be that paradise glitches out in Pinkguy’s head, as he ‘dreams’ of paradise – which represents the brainwashing working and also Pinkguy’s desire to escape to this beautiful alternative world.  This could also represent his fractured grasp on what’s real and how his mind is broken – which I really like. Of course it could be both! And when we see it glitching during the moments he closes his eyes on the train we think he is dreaming it, or it’s being beamed into his brain somehow – and at the end we see it’s glitching on the TV which suggests it’s a computer render and not even real anyway. It’s just a carrot on a stick. A pacifier to the population – something that keeps them passive – so they don’t revolt or socialise and keeps them docile and coming back to the fights (and whatever else the higher ups need them for…) It’s like an all-in-one tool for controlling the population. The big green head grinning inanely should also feature in Pinkguy’s ‘dream’ sequences – floating in and blending into the scene – the gibberish echoing in his ears as the controlling noise (music?) fades in and out.

Various Big Green Head character designs:


I’m still not sure which one I prefer. I like the simplicity of some and then I also like the more complicated ones. I could use the ‘smiley face’ as the logo though. [nun]

The hypno spiral is probably a bit obvious for the centre of the face – but perhaps the eyes could change at some point to spinning spirals – or the whole head could at some point. Maybe it could faintly blend in and subtly suggest this hypnotising feeling during one of the big green heads scenes.


Virtual reality fighting masks:


I really like this design. Reminiscent of a skull, it foreshadows the death that is coming. The audience wont know that the character will have to fight to the death when they first see the mask. It also covers the mouth, stifling the fighters and making it impossible for them to speak out during a battle – as it is being recorded. (The audience watching and the players don’t realise that the fighters might not want to be fighting – it never really crosses their mind – perhaps they think they aren’t real anyway…) The mask also has a kind of robotic feel to it, and makes the wearers anonymous and takes away their already limited individuality. (As the Pinkguy’s are all fundamentally the same, the could be identifying marks – spots or scars, but the mask covers these up and makes them truly inseparable). The white colour stands out from the Pink and will also stand out from the dark arena background as well – but wouldn’t stand out from a white clean room very well – so I should think about what colour I want the clean room to be and do some more concept art for that.



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