My 3D Dystopian City progress

I have been working on Pinkguys city. He lives in one of the many identical skyscrapers in this sprawling dystopian metropolis.

It may be daylight, but for people on the ground it can look like night it’s so dark. This is because the buildings are all so densely packed together and the dark concrete materials don’t allow much light to find its way down there. I think this adds to the dystopian feel – the city planners just wanted to get the most out of the space and fit as many people into the space as possible, they didn’t care that it would be dark and gloomy for the citizens (after all they are only there to be used and abused anyway). In the film we find out they are brainwashed into fighting to the death – but it could be that there are other uses for this population. In my mind, they are not utilised for much actual work – there are robots for that kind of thing, who are much more efficient, so the people here are not needed for that kind of thing. Perhaps they once were, but no longer – so the ‘others’ have found new purposes for them – like fighting in their brutal games. Perhaps there are other games – jousting, dangerous trials… The advert is in gibberish, so it could show the fight clubs and paradise – and then the actual activity is random.

Each building has a radio tower on the roof, as it is important to get the propaganda into everyone’s home.

I think the low-poly style looks really good and works well with what I want. It is in contrast to the indoor shots, which are much more textured, which creates a disconnect between the two – so that is something I will have to think about. I could add some textures to the materials, and see what that looks like.


The roads are virtually empty, because none of the occupants can afford personal transport, or even taxis. The only way they can get around is via the subway. The roads are mainly used by the autonomous police force for their patrolling tanks (which I am in the process of designing and then will need to model).


Low quality test video of a camera flying over the city:



I added some sounds to the animation, to make the city come to life a bit more and experiment with things for the final film. It has some wind ambiance, fans, distant explosions and a mix of different sort of techno chime sounds.


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