Waiting for the elevator

Today I’ve been working on this corridor!

I decided to add a vignette around the edges to make the scene feel more enclosed and claustrophobic and dark. This reflects how the character feels, and his situation in the world he is in – he is trapped with no way out and no options.

I painted how the elevator panel could look – with hard edges and red lights for the numbers. My shadows have been inconsistent, so that’s something that I need to think about. The shadows in his room are hard, and I’ve made them more blurry here – not sure which i prefer really.

The doors are not detailed enough – they could have handles, numbers, or something that allows someone to interact with them and open them. The painting style is slightly different to yesterdays room in a number of ways, so when it comes to the final style I need to make sure it looks consistent throughout – unless i’m going to specifically paint each background in a slightly different style on purpose to make the film have a certain kind of feel – which isnt a completely crazy idea as long as it fits the narrative, etc. I think it’s probably better to keep it all a consistent style though.

The number 13 is unlucky for some and has been considered a dark/bad number, so it’s fitting that my character lives on the 13th floor or sees the number 13 when he looks up at the panel. Although in my animation the numbers will be changing as Pinkguy waits for the elevator.

corridor background1

pinkguy corridor scene

elevator count down

corridor background3

corridor background4


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