Backgrounds and stuff

I thought i should write out a rough list of all the backgrounds I think I will need to make based on the latest version of my film:

  1. Characters room
  2. Characters room ‘god’ view
  3. Characters room birds eye view (top-down)
  4. Corridor in characters building
  5. Corridor in characters building ‘god’ view
  6. Corridor in characters building close up elevator switch
  7. Corridor in characters building close up elevator numbers
  8. Elevator exterior
  9. Elevator ‘gods’ view
  10. Elevator close up buttons
  11. Ground floor characters building birds eye view
  12. Exterior night sky
  13. Full building exterior
  14. Exterior building close
  15. Exterior building far
  16. Cityscape
  17. Interior bus
  18. Interior grid room
  19. Interior grid room ‘god’ view
  20. Interior grid room screen wall
  21. Interior grid room ceiling
  22. Interior grid room ceiling (low-angle)
  23. Exterior fight club
  24. Exterior street (outside fight club)
  25. Interior fight club
  26. Interior fight club ‘god’ view
  27. Interior dark room
  28. Interior dark room side view
  29. Interior dark room screen wall
  30. Fight room (Arena)
  31. Audience room

There are a lot! Even so I want to actually develop the audience room, so that we get a better idea of that world, as it is pretty limited in this iteration. The shots in the latest storyboard are not final either, as I want to make the most out of every shot and angle – considering contrast and affinity for each shot – tone,

Pinkguy Interior room:

room highlight

room not even highlight

room not highlight

I put together a quick test of the lighting in Premiere to see what it looks like at the moment. The television sounds I have used for this test are not going to be in the final film, it will be the advertisement for the fight clubs and then if there is more,  it will be something I have recorded that fits with the world he is in. I am thinking about another advertisement (just the sounds) about the latest tanks the government has now.

I like the way this looks but I think there could be another light source in the room – maybe a ceiling light, so the shadows dance a bit – so there should be a shadow as if the character is being lit only from the top. I think the concrete and pipes creates an industrial feel which reflects the world he is from well. The film moves from this concrete industrial world where Pinkguy lives, to the fight club which will have a different feel and then onto the final arena where the fight takes place – and also the clean world of the grid room where the players are and the middle world where the audience is. I need to think about the design for all these environments in more detail, and how they compliment the story.

room top light

This is the beginning of the film where Pinkguy lives, it’s supposed to be dingy and gloomy – so I think it should be darker. At this point in the film we are just meeting Pinkguy and the darkness reflects his mood and foreshadows the dark nature of the world he finds himself in and the things he will have to do later in the film.

Room natural tv light on

Room natural

I made everything darker except the highlight on Pinkguy because I think it looks better with that contrast. I think he should be watching TV in the dark, because he is wasting his life away – and many of us do that in front of the TV – it’s an activity that isn’t productive.

The character has a very sparse and empty room- because he doesn’t have any possessions. The only thing in the room is the bed. This reflects the non-consumer lifestyle of the residents of this part of the world. They don’t own things, because they are poor and without much. Is it too on the nose and unrealistic? Should he have some possessions around the room, or will that take away from the message? Definitely something to think about.

For this test I made it so the shadow below Pinkguy from the ceiling light is always on – as the light would be unless it was broken and flickering (which it could a little), and there are two shadows from the TV, well one but two different darknesses to simulate the changing light on the TV.


    • Thankyou! I was thinking if I gave him some possessions they should tell us more about the character. Keeping broken possessions could signify he is a slob, or he can’t move forward with his life – which could be true as he is stuck in this situation he can’t get out of. Then he is offered a chance to get out by the advert, and he finally does something about it – and doesn’t leave himself broken on the floor metaphorically like the broken possessions. I guess I just need to think what kinds of things this kind of character in this kinds of world would have now!

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