Character designs

I painted a quick basic concrete style background to do some character designs on.

character design1

I really like the colour scheme of pink and yellow – it really stands out from the background, and should be fine on light or dark backdrops because of the outline.

I’m not a fan of the extra features in the same purple outline, or the purple colour in the mouth and eyes either. I think adding feet could work, but i quite like the simple look of the first one.

charcater design 2

I did a quick expression sheet, the characters features can morph into whatever i need when animating, and they can move around his head wherever as well as they float above the face/head.

charcater design3.jpg

I did some experimenting with different features, these are the things that would set the different characters apart in my film – but could also include colour, size and other differences as well.

I like:

  • The first guys nose.
  • The second guys ears. His nose is cool too.
  • The third guys horns. His nose is cool too.
  • The fourth guys booties. His hair is cool too.
  • The fifth guys hairy chest. His head hair is cool too.
  • The sixth guys thick eyebrows.
  • The seventh guys boots and eyelashes.
  • The eighth guys ears and chest hairs and bags under his eyes. His nose is cool too.

charcater design 3


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