Some student animations







‘Paranoia’ is an animated short film made by four students as part of their final year degree project for Thakur-Toonskool Advanced Animation Academy.

Sandeepan Chanda, Sunil Kumar Yadav, Amrita Mukhopadhyay, and Nitesh Mishra.

A film about a man who is travelling on a late night train. Another man gets on the train with a briefcase and the first man becomes increasingly worried he could have a bomb on him. The audience watched the bomb sequence play out – finding out it is ‘only a dream’ sequence.

The story is about terrorism and our fear of it these days when travelling on public transport.

  • Shaky cam – helps to represent the growing shakiness of the character, and situation he is afraid he is in.
  • Really beautiful intricate, painted backgrounds with lots of texture and mood. Contrasted by the characters who are not shaded and have flat colours which makes them stand out, and i think it’s a cool design choice. The animation itself is really smooth and have a sort of hand-drawn sketchy look to it.
  • Claustrophobia is created by the newspaper as the man sort of hides behind it from the ‘bomber’ which makes the tension greater and builds up the suspense and atmosphere of the film more. The heavy breathing and train noises – clacking on the line, etc, also help to build up to the suspenseful climax.







Vancouver Film School student Nata Metlukh ponders the question, “Are fears our friends or do they rob us of our existence?”

We all face fear: fear of heights, fear of losing our jobs, fear of crowded places. The anxiety it gives us results in negative feelings. And in extreme cases, it can be crippling.

But we often forget to remind ourselves, “Why is fear there in the first place?” Fear protects us from harm and reminds us to stay alert of the dangers. It’s a best friend.

  • Main characters are defined and stand out, but background characters are like shadows.
  • The traffic looks like an orange, black and white river – rather than defined cars.
  • Painted style of animation.
  • The way that the shadows are portrayed isnt realistic – they are used on the neck to sort of separate it from the face, same with the arms and legs, rather than as light hits it. Its stylistic and brilliant!
  • Some great angles and shots – like a character walking over the camera.


Pre-production work for Fears.




Mr Madila or The colour of nothing



When Royal College of Art student Rory Waudby-Tolley was struggling to find inspiration for his final film, he stumbled upon the business card of Mr. Madila, a gifted spiritual healer. According to the card, he solves problems concerning “black magic, love voodoo, sexual impotency, business transactions, exams, immigration problems, court cases and gambling.”

Intrigued, Rory called the number and recorded a series of conversations with his newfound friend, exploring the inner mind, the fabric of the universe and the nature of reality itself. “Everything is mostly nothing,” Madila said. “Look closely and you can see all the little bits and pieces, and all the gaps in-between.”

Rory cut the audio and added visuals to create this thought-provoking yet brilliantly funny animation, which he showed to Madila.

  • Mostly 2D animation. Some live-action film and a bit of 3D – this student has created an animation which allows him to utilise different animation styles. Mixed media!
  • It’s very colourful. The characters and background when they meet is black and white and the colour accentuates it!
  • Mr Madila’s head grows bigger sometimes, when he is saying different things – as he is more animated in his voice, so too is the visual animation.
  • Theme song!

I really like this animation. It’s funny, and kind of thought-provoking and has a story to it. The story of meeting a really interesting individual. The animator has found a way to animate different styles in a way that still totally works and flows and stylistically holds together. The animation is simple and the characters are cartoony.




Artists website:


Self Centaured




Short film made at the final year of an animation course at the University of Lincoln in 2010/2011 by John Bowen, Anna Pabian and Alex Whitington

  • The characters don’t always look like they belong in the same animation.
  • The colours don’t always seem to work together.

I think that could be a style choice, but not one that i think looks especially beautiful. It’s like the background was an afterthought sometimes, and the style isn’t consistent throughout – but not in a purposeful way.

The humour is silly and brilliant though, and some of the character animation is really effective.


The Life of a Student Animator


Caitlin Meadley final year character animation about an animator finishing an animation for a deadline.

  • The room is a bit bare, and untextured, which makes it seem a bit odd in contrast to the main character. And the second character looks a lot more crude than the main character – which makes her stand out. (Inconsistent style).
  • The main character looks great though, and the animation looks good, which is the main aim of the animation.

Nada Doctor

Made by BFA1 through BFA4 students in the Character Animation Program at CalArts (School of Film/Video), in 2014. Each student makes his or her own film, individually.

By Matthew Yang

Really cool style. Very colourful and friendly.

I really like the voice acting in this and the script, it’s playful and the actors did a great job bringing them to life.

Cool transition when the giant rips open the hospital.



S l e e p

Made by BFA1 through BFA4 students in the Character Animation Program at CalArts (School of Film/Video), in 2014. Each student makes his or her own film, individually.

By Tony Unser

Very stylish! Some awesome transition. The way they flicker and morph looks awesome. When she gets up from bed and theres a trail of her, reflecting her sleep mood.

The light use, and portrayal of lights is great.

Really cool explosions and effects as well, looks like a tv show.

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