Inspiration Animation


The Arrow by Emilio Yebra

The story is of a hunting mistake which leads one tribesman to attack another, and the look of it is like a folktale or something. The style reminds me of aboriginal art and uses unusual colours to reality which makes it stand out, and fits with the themes of the film.

  • The objects are always shimmering and moving – like it’s hand-drawn maybe, rough around the edges – like a cave painting or something.
  • The style is very simplistic, consisting of simple shapes.
  • When arrows hit things there’s a physical circle that appears to represent the sound and action of it hitting something with force.
  • There is a great close up as we follow an arrow’s flight through the air and colours in the background help to portray the speed of the arrow.
  • When the character beats the warning drum (which sounds like electric guitar) the frames colours change along to the sounds and almost represent the alarm and feel of danger that the character is in.


Dark Mixer by Hirotoshi Iwasaki

This is a really unnerving little animation which utilises sounds to heighten the strange atmosphere of the film.

  • Black and white painted style
  • Always shimmering but movement is still smooth.
  • Sounds – Breathing, Heartbeat. Thudding. They all have a rhythm and beat to them. The wind, animal sounds and growling, tv static and screaming set an unsettling mood where you’re unsure of what will happen – creating suspense. (all still have a sort of rhythm to them).
  • Unsettling imagery is animated – A mans’ face peels off, a man falls forward and disappears, a headless dog rolls around the floor, a dark figure with just its eyes showing.
  • The images are shown to a beat at the end which seems sped up like it’s heading towards a climactic ending and puts you on the edge of your seat.


Again by Nico Gao

A short animation that explores what could end up happening if you couldn’t die. Looking at life as a series of meaningless routines and busywork that the main character is bored of and looks for an escape, even death.

The message at the end shows the main character get away from it all and come back ready to tackle his mundane series of meaningless routines and work with a refreshed attitude.

  • Simplistic shapes and minimalistic style
  • Square world – round organics
  •  The repetitive electronic music accompanies the repetitive story, from repeated routines to repeated attempts to die (or escape).
  • There are moments of no music and just sounds – like crickets or breathing, which highlight the action.


Last Train home by Gerhard Human

  • Heavily stylised animation.
  • Great use of colours and contrast.
  • Shimmering style again!
  • Painted style.



Doodling between the headlines

  • Moves to the music (animation is smooth then jerks to the music, fire grows to the music)
  • Animations are repeated on screen at increments to create visual interest.
  • Painted style – solid colours used.
  • The frame peels back and reveals other scenes and its just mesmerising and mind-boggling! These sort of crescendo at the end and create a visually stunning ending.


Dame mit hund (walk the dog) by Sonja Rohleder

A really clever animation about a woman walking a dog. We see the imprints, like paw prints and footprints, and hear what’s going on and thats it. It’s set on a black background and the imprints are different colours so we can tell them apart and they stand out from each other.

  • Heavily stylised
  • Unique!


Ivans need by Veronica L. Montaño, Manuela Leuenberger and Lukas Suter. (MATURE CONTENT)

About sexual awakening and discovery, the film follows a teenage boy who has an obsession with kneading dough.

  • Interesting popart bright colour palette – Everything is a different unexpected colour
  • Character grown a big head when he shouts
  • Heavily stylised – cool eyes that shimmer.
  • Caricature/cartoony style


60 Seconds of Darkness

A film about a traumatic event, witnessed by people who wanted to help, but ultimately the man was already lost.

  • Muted colour palette
  • Cool shooting animation (when gun is hot it has a slow explosion)
  • Great movements
  • Emotional content – music accompanies to great effect
  • When he dies it uses a black and white animation to show a difference to highlight the seriousness of the scene
  • Snow falling effect over the scene


Jumpy by Anthony Falleroni

A film about a person playing a game and their character in the game. This is about persistence and not giving up, which is necessary when playing games – you get better and better. But this film asks what if you get stuck in a game and can’t progress, do you give up or keep trying? The game character portrays the emotions the gamer must be having, frustration and sadness, but then determination.

  • Pixelated style game world
  • Real world is darker and muted colours – game world is bright and colourful!
  • Different styles for real world and game world.


My Darlings Shadow by Conor Whelan

A film about an abusive relationship ending in murder. The scenes take us through happier times and show us the bad times as well. The cheery music contrasts the dark theme.

  • Painted style – cubism
  • Line work – really strong style
  • Simplified objects – car is just shape and a couple lines, etc.
  • Like the flintstones or something from that era in style

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