More Final Thesis Ideas

‘Life Work’

A man is tinkering in his workshop. There are things bubbling away, and smoking and going along pipes and dripping down and fizzing. He scribbles down notes as he watches what is happening. He starts joining all these different elements together – liquids that become solids and solids that become liquids and move and grow and shrink and change colour. The objects become unstable and explodes! When the man is able to see he looks and in the middle of the workshop is a strange glowing object, shimmering and floating in front of him. He prods it and walks around it and then puts him arm in and pulls it out and his arm feels strange and then the object pursues him and he tries to run away but the object follows him and sucks him inside it.

The man represents hard work, experimenting and learning from trying things out. He creates and that fuels his interest and desire to know more. Ultimately he is consumed by his work, and disappears from the world- like we all do eventually.

So what does it mean?

Beginning – The man works to learn things about the world.

Middle – The man experiments with what he has and creates new things from what he has learnt.

The end – The man is ultimately mortal and disappears forever from the world.

  • It is about man’s ability to create wonderful and scary creations
  • Dangerous creations which can kill
  • It also shows a man who is consumed by his work, literally but also figuratively.
  • He works his whole life.


Other things i could add.

When the man wants to take a break he is made to continue working by some unseen power. Maybe he is prodded or electrocuted to motivate him to keep working?

The higher power could clear the room (remove his name and his creation) and bring in a new man at the end – making the whole thing happen again. Taking what the man has created and learnt away. This could be to utilise it or just represent the work being meaningless busywork to keep the man occupied and even though he created something amazing it ended up being ultimately futile.


  • The man is a cog in a machine. Forced to work by a higher power. Raising questions of the audience about their own working life, and how meaningful it is, and whether they reap the benefits of their employers.
  • Once the man is gone, another will take him place and continue his work and his name will be forgotten. (maybe the name could be taken and placed on a shelf, and he does the same at the beginning – as if taking over someone’s office. And we follow the names along and see one down the line get pushed off the end into darkness to represent the passage of time deleting all things eventually.


The man could look into the object and see something amazing and weird and wonderful. Perhaps he is tempted to climb in and becomes lost instead of being pulled in.






Time Traveller

A time traveller appears and the world flocks to learn about what they have to say. Why did they travel in time, how?

They travelled from the future. (Or teleported? Or from another dimension).

  • News anchor and news coverage – of the mysterious person appearing in an impossible way. (Setting up what happened and where the person is now).
  • Follow the character whose job it is to go and interview them to find out how and why they appeared the way they did.
  • The conversation between those two people.

So what is their story? Why and how did they transport from the future or wherever they came from?

That depends how they arrived. So they could have:

  • Caused a lot of damage when they arrived, like a crater or explosion. Which caused the police to arrest them and then the person we follow is the investigator who interviews them.
  • Appeared on live tv, suddenly. And caused an uproar. Like when the reporters are doing a piece to camera. The reporter could go after them, and have a chase sequence, before catching and asking them what’s up.
  • Could be treated like a national emergency, army called, etc.
  • Could be just a normal family encounter them, or some friends.



Prison visit

A character going to visit someone in a super high-security prison – but like super duper high-security. So the walls are super high and loads more than average. Vault doors and then more and more and to a silly extent.

This builds up the suspense of who or what he is going to visit. Walls and fences with spikes and barbed wire, and then super thick walls and bars and more and more – an elevator that takes you down, and a bridge across a deep moat.

Finally coming to the prisoners individual cage, which is suspended in a chasm, and another extending bridge takes you to the cage, which is surrounded by walls that open to let you in.

What is the payoff of this suspense?

  • A super scary monster
  • A completely harmless looking character (frail, old, a baby? A bunny?)
  • Nothing, resulting in them hitting an alarm.
  • The cage being for them, and them being trapped inside with no way out. (A metaphor for something?)
  • Day release. It’s their prison cell, but they are allowed out sometimes, as long as they come back.

What is inside the cell? That would depend on who the cell belongs to.



Captain Nature

A superhero whose power is to talk to plants. He is called upon to help when no one else can. So he turns up to a crime scene when there are no leads and ask the plants to help him. (Like how psychics have been used in tv to help detectives with investigations).

Some people would be skeptical of his powers, seeing him talk to a bush and questioning if he was making it up. (Like those psychics…)

Captain Nature could get distracted by some plants making jokes we can’t hear. Then he could try to come on to a plant and get rejected and become depressed.




A small group of soldiers are travelling along and seem on edge. They are attacked and must jump to cover and defend themselves.

One of the characters is not afraid of being shot, and stands out in the open, scolding the others.

The reveal is they are just playing make believe and there is no real battle. The enemy doesn’t exist except in their imagination and they are friends playing make beleive.

The character who was not afraid is not playing and the others are annoying them with their playing. They are just trying to get stuff done around the house.





Two characters must face off in a battle to the death in front of cameras and audiences around the world tune in to watch. The fighters look scared. They battle to the death and there is a winner.

It turns out that others were controlling them from behind the scenes, using suits that controlled their movement. Like some kind of video game. (It could even be something that people are lined up to play, like an attraction the public takes part in. The winner could actually win nothing more than the satisfaction of beating their opponent.

Like the roman gladiator games of old. Humans are almost addicted to bloodshed, or violence. We have a lot of violent media, and whether you personally like it or not, there is basically murder-porn on every mainstream channel of tv. We like to find out about serial killers, and watch crime shows, to see the worst of humanity for ourselves. We are curious, morbidly so.

What if it was possible to take part with no risk to yourself? What if someone else took the risk for you? What if it wasn’t forced? The fighters could win a prize, so they are ‘happy’ to take the risk. What if it was normalised and an activity that many people just did? There are people in every society who are worth less than others. There are poor people. Criminals. In some countries there are caste systems and basically slaves. This is something that exists in our world today, that we can’t do anything about.

What if those people were taking the risk for a chance to be one of the chosen few who live with riches and enough food and land to live on. Instead of amongst the many who must grind away for even a scrap of food or bit of heat to warm themselves.

A lot of this could be alluded to, and the main content is the fight and the reveal.

  • Guy wakes up (He has pictures of paradise stuck to his wall).
  • Gets out of bed
  • Leaves his tiny apartment (with other people at the same time? Synchronised movement.)
  • Rides the elevator down to the ground
  • Waits for the bus
  • Rides the bus
  • Gets off the bus
  • Goes to a building (where he ‘Works)
  • Gets given a number
  • Waits in a waiting room (screen has numbers on, two come up each time)
  • His number is called he goes through some doors.
  • He’s fitted with a special suit (Or something?)
  • He comes out into a spotlight
  • Another spotlight shows his opponent
  • Ready? Fight! They fight. (Looks like 2D arcade fighting game- text comes up on screen) (No health bar though because they fight to the death).
  • Weapons?
  • Finish him! (He kills the other character).
  • Winner! He celebrates.
  • Pulls back to reveal a screen with people watching it. In a mall, arcade, nice looking place.
  • Then shows people with virtual reality gear on, above one says winner, the other says loser. They take off the gear and the winner teases the loser.
  • There is a line for next fight. The people are in contrast to the ones who fight from the apartment. They are laughing and playing on their phones and eating, etc.
  • The winner and loser leave the mall together and go outside, and its paradise (like the pictures on the fighters wall).

Main Views:

  • The characters pov
  • A distanced god view (looking down over everything)
  • A classic side-scrolling game view (of the fight)
  • Other cinematic shots, general…

Background worldbuilding:

  • Dystopian, dark, shadows, colourless (or muted colours)
  • Fences with barbed wire on top along bus route
  • Industrial looking background and city scape
  • Police perhaps, roadblocks, fires burning in the distance.
  • Lights flicker on and off and don’t work consistently
  • Peoples waiting in line for food
  • People asleep on the roadside
  • Scary looking dog

Main character

Could have quite robotic movements, to represent that he is a cog in the machine? At least some kind of unnerving style to his character, to make things not seem quite right. Some contrast to the final characters that live in paradise doing whatever they want.


Quick rough storyboard:








I could utilise some animations again (walking, etc) as long as i plan out the scenes better – for example, i could have the facility he gets his ticket from face the same way as the apartment and use the walk cycle again.

As the animation seems to already be getting quite long, if necessary the fight can be faded out, and fight noises put on over the top, and then back in to the character injured, face bloody, with announcer shouting “Winner!” and show a dead looking opponent. BUT ideally there should be a fight – in the style of old school 2D fighting games, like mortal combat. The animation could be simpler and have that different feel and look to it and tis motion – like the older style games, which could make the animation easier – as only so many assets and frames would be needed.

The players could be in booths we can’t see in, just has WINNER and LOSER with lights on the outside. Then they come out and have no equipment on, suggesting they took it all off already, and saving on animating that part – getting to the meat of the story and animation.


  • More stuff during paradise scene (Maybe see himself in paradise, flies on a star, etc…) – just a longer dream sequence. (Maybe it goes bad and he ends up in a scary situation, thinks someones watching him in paradise and it turns dark and he runs to try and get away, then falls and falls into darkness – then hears number being called.
  • Robots help the players take their equipment off. (Like robot butlers for the game!)

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