O Menino e o Mundo – Boy and the World


An absolute masterpiece!

A uniquely beautiful film, the incredible story follows a child’s journey from their point of view, as their family is torn apart by the increasingly gigantic ever-changing world around them. The boy travels through various changing landscapes as he gets closer to the big industrialised city, along the way he meets many interesting people from different walks of life. There is a deeper moral story that asks questions about the implications of industrialisation, and all this without any dialogue at all. The young child that we follow around on this grand adventure doesn’t have a mouth most of the time!

He doesn’t even have a name (although press materials refer to him as Cuca) and doesn’t really speak so much as giggle, and the limited dialogue that does exist in Brazilian writer-director Ale Abreu’s film consists of meager sprinklings of gibberish.


This movie really is all about getting lost in a really interesting world at a really interesting time. It says a lot without saying very much and is utterly beautiful at times. Below are some still from the movie, because it’s just so stunning and you get to see some of the movie’s range. Its one of the most colourful movies I’ve probably ever seen, and although the style is simple, it feel so real and alive.








I’ve added the following review in an effort to convince whoever see’s this blog and hasn’t seen the movie and is still not sure it’s their sort of thing to FIND AND WATCH THIS MOVIE!!

“The best animated film of the year!”
“Utterly lyrical, visually captivating, musically driven and extraordinarily sophisticated…
a multicolored tapestry of endless ambition
that stimulates our intellect and embraces our hearts!”
– IndieWire


The animation is a mixture of hand-drawn, painting, digital and cut-out collage. The result is a rich, textured visual world, you could pause at any moment and you would have a beautiful image worthy of framing, or at least hanging on your fridge anyway. Which brings me around to the child-like style, sometimes you really feel like you are viewing the world through this child’s eyes. The train is smoking a pipe, the cranes in the city look like dinosaurs. It’s touches like these that really engage you the whole way through, and shows just how thoughtful this movie can be at times.

Luckily i found some character sheets and drawings made for the film which are below!boy18boy17boy14

One of my favourite things in the movie was the way that some music was portrayed visually. The father plays his pipe music to the child and we can see the notes come out and float around in the air, the child even tries to capture the sounds in a can and save them for later, and it adorably works! It just brings the music alive even more and is used to show the audience how the boy interacts with the music, and in many ways how meaningful it is to him. It just adds something to the film that makes you feel more engaged by the action. boy12boy13

The people did look a little bit skeleton-ish at times though, and i wondered if they were supposed to look fraught and a bit diminished. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was an intentional decision, this movie is not subtle with its messages against modernisation, as the heavily policed and controlled world seems full of turmoil and struggle, which ultimately seems inevitable in a global society. And you’re left wondering exactly what kind of world you live in right now, making things a wee bit depressing actually.. But it also shows a more hopeful vision of people coming together with music and dancing, and along the way we see strangers helping our little main character in different ways, so its not completely doom and gloom.bou11


There are a few more images from where i sourced these here – http://www.cartoonbrew.com/sponsored-by-gkids/exclusive-character-design-gallery-boy-world-opening-today-la-nyc-125792.html

I really liked the design of the train. This noisy winding mechanical creature that comes and like a monster steals his father away from the family, with no idea when it will return or even if it will bring his father back.  It reminded me a bit of Monty Python Terry Gilliam esque animation, not just with the train.



I cannot recommend this movie enough, its just a really fantastic thing that you need to see and experience.


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