Deadline day, and i have an unfinished animation. I have (and had) every intention to complete it, but what we have here is basically a pimped up animatic, not the final animation as planned. (low quality video export as well… sorry!) This project has been a serious lesson in planning and time management and how things can go wrong, as i was unable to bring all my pieces together by the deadline. So i have developed my rough animatic to create something with the audio and work i had already done so there was something to watch anyway. I spent too long on the idea, and then the scripts and rough drawings and storyboards – it’s something i really enjoy doing, and always spend too much time on, which gets me into all sorts of trouble. Too many ideas and too many script rewrites and then adding and taking away characters… I need to keep it a lot simpler in the future and probably stop overthinking it and just focus on developing my animation practices. I ended up producing this very quickly, had i done it at the beginning of the project i would have been able to see what was working and what wasn’t, make changes to shots and things, then see what it looks like. Then actually animate everything to a high standard and probably have time to sort any issues along the way. So although bad, that’s something i know for next time that i can apply to future projects. I really enjoyed actually animating the thing, and it really helps to see the timing on everything – There is SO much i would change about the animation. Slowing some bits down and making the expressions smoother and give them their own space more.

The animation as it is – is rough. I experimented by throwing too many expressions and quick movements that distract and take away from the characters performance as well. It’s something i know i was doing and have got to make sure i don’t do in final animations really (unless as a specific character trait or something – it should be planned and precise)- but i think it’s a vital step in my animation education. It’s so easy to overdo it, and speed things up – when they need to be slowed down and kept simple. The animatic and planning stages normally makes this a difficult thing to do, but i was trying a few different things and seeing how they came out, as well as trying to follow along with my storyboards and idea.

There were successes – Three cute looking characters! Overall the designs were simple but effective and worked well together, and i think they are cohesive and don’t fall apart through the animation – which is nice! The dialogue looked ok and was a lot of fun to animate – i can see where i can make improvements already so that the speech looks better and i really started to get a feel for it as i was doing it more and more. The audio was recorded ok I think, and the characters sounded ok, which is odd because i voiced them!!

the fruit gang.jpg

I still need to:

  • Animate Orange actually throwing Cherry. (The main Action of the animation..)
  • Clean up what I’ve done so far (add missing arms, add proper establishing shot,  add the shadows, etc)
  • Render the final 3D shots and get them into the background.


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