Some Animated Music Videos 

Music videos and Animation go really great together. Here’s a quick history recap:

Animations take a long time to produce, so short films are ideal. Animators have to get good at telling interesting and immersive stories in a short amount of time, because producing longer works is often not possible; and you want to make what you do produce count. 

Music and animation go together great so here’s some cool animated Music Videos I’ve seen recently that I think you really should watch/listen to! 





Caravan Palace – Lone Digger 

This kicks Butt! The animal-humans are really cool and the lighting in the film is amazing! When the zebra waitress is back-lit and the crocodiles are under that purple lighting. The colour choices were great, and the action was really gripping and intense. The way the blood was animated was so realistic, it was surprising actually that the blood kind of takes you by surprise. Even though you know somethings going down between the cats and dogs, the actual fighting escalates really quickly, and the buildup is really suspenseful.

kids and Explosions – Swear Words

Is this a song? Seriously though this animation shows how effective a few repeated animations cut together to music can be. It’s not a complicated topic or film, but it increases tempo and manages to stay fresh throughout the video even while showing some of the same stuff over and over.

Flairs – Truckers Delight 

This is just mad. The pixel animation is great though, and the game theme is just fantastic.  The characters don’t seem like they should fit together in the same universe, yet they somehow work really well because they are like caricatures. The characters are stereotypical, the ugly short disgusting trucker character is shown as totally sex obsessed and rude and the typical thinking-with-his-dong man. Total chauvinist. The woman is presented as a typical blond, tall, red lipstick wearing red-sports car driving and shes young. She’s much taller than the trucker character and more defined – the trucker is a simpler pixel design. This video goes as far as you think is possible then exceeds that. You’re just sat there watching thinking, wow ok so they went there, but they’re surely not going to… Aaaaand they have no chill.

Stuck in the sound – Let’s Go

The animation is awesome here, and the story that is told ends up being huge. I really like how emotional it is, and sometimes fits so beautifully with the music. So much happens in such a short amount of time, and you really feel what the main character is going through. Really emotional piece dealing with some heavy stuff, it’s incredible what can be achieved in a few minutes with animation.

Fever the Ghost – Source 

Animated by Felix Colgrave I think. I really like the two cute dancers, especially the bit when one lifts the other, but falls down. It’s probably got to be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. The world they create is so fantastical yet still holds together as everything seems to happen for a reason and the dragon goes back to the house he came out of in the beginning at the end and closes the door. It’s a lot of fun with some really interesting characters.

Concorde – Sons

Powerful stuff. Beautiful drawn black and white animation, really cool style to the characters. The story is a roller-coaster of emotions, which the main character and her younger self portray amazingly well. You can see completely from the expressions she has on her face to her body language. Even though she never says it, it’s clear from how well the story is told that she was overweight when she was younger. Now she’s older and really slim and fit, after working ng hard using determination fuelled by something that looks like anger or hate when she’s working out. She seems to be angry even before the guy friends her on Facebook. He is someone from her past that she seemed to like, and he liked her, but her insecurities put a barrier between them. Now that she’s over the insecurities things will all work out right? It turns out that she handles things poorly now she’s so confident and it doesn’t end well. And we’re left on the toilet floor just like the character wondering how we got here and how it could have gone so different but didn’t. Dang.

Lorn – Anvil

This is some seriously incredible mesmerising animation, really cool style. Made by Geriko, the Franco-Belgian creative duo of Hélène Jeudy and Antoine Caëcke. The animation is a mixture of digital 2D, 3D, and traditional animation. The viewer is transported to a black and white sci-fi futurworld via a woman who plugs herself into some chair machine – which looks super painful and uncomfortable, although also sensual and kind of sexy.. It’s a confusing mix but it works really well for the video. The world is beautiful and complicated and immersive, it really draws the viewer into this strange place and you want to explore it as much as possible but there’s not enough time.

Inspired by Japanese and Belgian comics, the animation is eerie in a futuristic monochrome world. Set in the year 2100, the music video interprets the title of Anvil as a postmortem social network mandatory to all “in an effort to combat overpopulation”.

Musician Lorn gave the duo complete free reign: “He allowed us to choose one track from his latest album and gave us full creative freedom to explore and develop bot the narrative and the aesthetic of the piece. It was a great privilege to be awarded so much trust and creative licence by an artist we deeply admire,” Geriko explains.

Influenced by conversations between Hélène and Antoine “about social networks and connectivity in day to day life, we laid the foundation for our story”. Built from the pairs’ individual illustration work, alongside “sprinkled references of works we love such as Akira by Katsuhiro Ôtomo and a nod to Irene Cassini, a character in Andrew Niccol’s Gattaca”  [1]


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