Dialogue, action and interaction

Using 2D and 3D animation techniques create a pair of characters that need to cooperate in order to overcome an obstacle to achieve a common goal.

I would like to animate 2D characters on a 3D background this project. Which means i have to make the 3D environment and render all the appropriate clips that will them be used for the 2D and have enough time for all that. I will need to make sure i finalise the script quickly and then i’m going to have to storyboard it and decide on angles and what needs to be in the scene so that i can render the appropriate environment for the 2D characters to be set in.

Idea’s for characters and for obstacles to overcome:

  • Two inmates attached together by chains must escape together and work together to get away from the pursuing police.
  • Two animals that would fight have to work together to get away from another bigger predator.
  • Two injured soldiers help each other to get to safety.


  • Two characters on a mountain who must help each other get past a dangerous part of the mountain.


  • Two lonely characters, one saves the other from a fire (fireman saves cat) the cat must trust the human(overcome its normal tendencies) – and then together they live happily ever after.


  • Two characters help each other to achieve a shared goal they perhaps couldn’t have achieved alone. (Push a go-cart to the top of a hill so they can ride it down, neither can push it on their own so they must work together)
  • Two characters get food stuck in a vending machine and must work together to rock the vending machine back and forth to get their food out.
  • Two characters are trapped in something and must work together to get out – maybe only one of them can make it out in the end.

Notes and ideas for this project from my sketchbook:


Two food items that are alive in the kitchen have to help each other escape.


Trying to think of the sorts of things they would say to each other. Maybe use a catapult thing made out of utensils, or maybe they could be a smaller and larger food item and the small one convinces the bigger one to throw him or something.img003

More ideas:


I began developing the food idea more, because i love food that’s alive for some reason, and decided to play around with the idea that they are trapped in a fridge.


I cant think of how they could succeed and get out the fridge!! lol So i might look at the ‘being trapped on the island in the middle of the kitchen’ idea again..


More idea burps..


Would be cool to start the animation with one character being all dramatic about their situation – then you learn the situation and see how they deal with it.


Ghost/Death idea!! Woo! ;P


Couch potatoes idea – they are so lazy they gotta help each other get up!! Thats the obstacle.


Random small idea in the back of the sketchbook.


Two friends help each other find the courage to go down the big hill, and over the ramp. So they go down together at the same time in their box-cars go-carts.


I guess im drawn more towards the fruit stuck on an island in the living room. I like the idea of food being alive and learning about their fate. The two food items argue about escaping and they decide to do something. I like the idea that they do not succeed with whatever they were trying to do.


Some fruit that is stuck on an island in the middle of the kitchen. One of them wants to escape because it’s worried ‘they’ will be eaten as well. The other fruit decides to help them escape even though they don’t really think there’s anything to worry about because ‘they’ don’t eat from the fruit bowl.

They build a catapult from kitchen utensils on the island and try to get to the opposite counter where they can escape through a window. Only one of them will be able to make it from the island.

Script Idea


Banana: “Mm hm.”

Orange: “WHY ARE YOU SO CALM? Remember those nice donuts we met in the trolley?!”

Banana: “yeah..”

Orange: “THEY ATE THEM!!”

Banana: “I know, but they only seem to eat from that and sometimes out of those.”

[points at refrigerator and then at cupboards]

Orange: “THEY’RE DEAD! And we could be next! Do you want to be eaten huh?!”

Banana: “So what are we going to do then?”

Orange: “Well, maybe we could climb down?”

Banana: “I don’t think so, remember that egg yesterday that rolled off the edge..”

Orange: “oh yeah.. Well, ok, maybe we could just jump to the other counter and then out that open window!”

Banana: “You really think you could jump that?”

Orange: “Maybe?”

[banana raises his eyebrow and gives orange a quizzical look]

Orange: “no.” [looks sad, defeated]

Banana: “hmm, hey I think I’ve got an idea, go grab me that spoon..”

[they build a catapult – a spoon with a rolling pin in the middle]

Banana: “OK YOU READY?!”[Banana is stood on top of a cereal box above the end of the spoon. Orange is sitting in the spoon.]

Orange: “um. Yeaaaah?”

Banana: “Ok.”

[Banana jumps from something onto the spoons end, catapulting Orange into the air.]

[Orange makes it to the other side, stands up and looks back both celebrate.]

Orange: “Hey wait, what about you?”

Banana: “Oh yeah.               dang.”

The end

I drew some quick images of an orange that’s alive. He’s set against a 3D photo-realistic kitchen background, which i want to design and then model in maya. The characters would be on the island in the middle with seemingly no way off from high up. The smaller fruit (a grape) convinces the orange to try and throw him to safety and he will get help from there, the orange tries at the end after much convincing and then fails and the grape ends up on the floor. The orange looks over the edge (we see him from below angle- as if he’s viewing where the grape went) is like oops, oh well, and disappears from frame.

I like the idea of a character who’s not bothered much about whats happening and must be compelled by the other more dramatic character.


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