Some Alien Animation Clips


This project has not been a total success, the deadline has arrived and i don’t have a completed animation, just some clips. I also rendered this stuff at a much lower quality than i would normally – i left it right up until the last moment to render the stuff out – trying to complete as much animation as possible. So it’s not a total loss, I modelled a character and rigged it following a tutorial and basically all by myself. Unfortunately that took most of the time i had for the whole project, and in the end i didn’t leave myself anywhere near enough time to animate. But now i have my own original 3D character that i can use to develop my 3D animation skills over the Christmas break, so hopefully there will be some more stuff to show you soon! I learnt so much about modelling and rigging – having to problem solve and figure out the processes was hard work but as i make more and more 3D animation and characters it will get easier!

I actually managed to break the model a couple of times, the eyes were originally parented no problem, but somewhere during animation i broke them and the eyes stuck in one position when i rendered it – a simple fix but still annoying! I had a problem where Adobe Premier would just not import my image sequence in its entirety as well, and i lost some of the clips i had animated – it’s like the universe was punishing me even more for my bad organisation this project! I never quite got my idea pinned down and that was a major time sink – coming up with more ideas and trying to hash out different scripts. You’ll notice there’s no sound as well – something that would have come in had i managed to get the model ready for animating sooner.

I should have probably downloaded a rigged character and practiced at least as i was modelling and rigging my own character – but i wanted to focus on the one thing so i got it done – it just took a little longer than it should have. I was also unable to add any 2D to the animation and that was in the brief – if i had more time i would have done 2D credits at least.. This project had the good and the bad, but in the end I’ve learnt a bunch and have done something that I’ve never done on this scale before in 3D, so i feel like its been pretty good actually and next project i will have to make sure i manage my time better. I am really happy with how the character looks – although he was not my own design i was able to make him my own with some small changes to his features – and i think that the story i came up with and the identity for the character had potential. This project was a good start to this year, and has been a bit of a wake up call, I just can’t wait to make more 3D animations anyway!

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