Finishing off rigging in Maya

So I’ve finally got a fully rigged character and he’s nearly ready to go! I’ve gotten a lot more familiar with working in 3D and am really looking forward to modelling more 3D characters in the future. I also want to model some different locations full of stuff! (interiors, exteriors with different environments and def want to tackle water as well) And generally hone my modelling skills as well. Before this project i guess i was still on the fence about 3D in a lot of ways, it took me a bit to get past how Maya works, and I’ve still got a lot to learn (and prove) but I’ve definitely developed a passion for 3D now! Lets just see if i can animate something now..


I think i forgot to connect/parent the knee and elbow controls properly – they still work, but they don’t follow the rig unless its the top control, or waist actually i’m not sure if i did that now i think about it. This doesn’t really affect anything as he’s not going to be moving around a lot really and its a very short animation so it shouldn’t be a problem.


He’s great at limbo..7

Seriously good actually! ūüėõ


Testing the shoulder control again to see how its working before beginning the skin bind.


And now his neck..


Now that the character is completely rigged its time to bind the skin before animating. Everything you do on one side is done to the other mirrored side as well, which is super convenient!


You can see in the picture below that i was having some difficulty with the fingers here, which was a bit of a headache for a while but i was able to figure it out so that it looked less insane looking!




I’m actually thinking an animation with broken models would actually be really cool if the story was done right. The characters would not be restricted by the laws of known physics! Well they’d look and move all gnarly – the animation would have to be at a really good level to really make the most of the messed up models. Just a thought for now anyway, probs a side thing when I’ve done a few more models in Maya and have some stuff to mess around with.


I sorted it, eventually..


It took a while but i think i figured it out, mostly..

Screenshot (180).png



Now that the hands were all rigged up and the skin bind was

I double checked every joint and bone i could to make sure the body would not bend incorrectly when animating. After sorting the fingers out i was definitely feeling confident!





My alien character is finally finished! He’s not perfect but i can begin to animate using him now! You can probably tell from this picture (below) that I’ve managed to squeeze his arms at the shoulders a bit as I’ve been getting used to animating the rig -i think the arms are not binded correctly to the skin, after all my checking.. (Doh!) I think i should have added more mass to his shoulder area – although i’m sure i could fix this model and make it bend right, i did myself no favours with the way i modelled his upper arm/shoulder area. But a lot of him came out great, for some reason i’m overly pleased with his ear/antennas! So its not a total failure. Yet..


I’ve got very little time left to actually animate this guy for the project. I spent so much time coming up with different ideas and didn’t get ahead of the tutorials, then i changed my idea a few times, i’m not sure when i decided to make him an alien – pretty sure that was because he looked like one anyway as i was modelling him and i thought i could give him antenna things. I have an idea now but with only days left in the deadline¬†i’m just going to try and do as much as i can. I have learnt so much by modelling and rigging my this character, i can’t wait to see him in action!


*If i have time it could be cool to do some thought bubbles in 2D that represent how he’s really feeling – something to help convey his feelings. At this point my animation has no plans for anything 2D and its supposed to be a hybrid animation of sorts really. If i’m going to have a white background, and i think i might, i could always add some simple drawn details to the background afterwards.


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