Modelling a character in Maya

*For anyone who ends up here looking for a tutorial, this probably isn’t what you want. Buuuut I’ve taken a bunch of screenshots of the process, so that’s something. 

The first thing i did was take the three perspective drawings which were provided with the tutorial and set up my work-space. Top, side and front view drawings of the character I was going to be modelling. I lowered the opacity of the reference images and once they were all correctly in place i turned them into a reference layer.


Now the space was ready i could begin modelling, starting with the body. It began life as a simple cylinder, which i shaped using the reference layers in the differentperspectives.


I cut the cylinder in half and deleted one side, as i would be modelling one half and then mirroring it to create the full finished and symmetrical model.


The drawings are not drawn exactly perfectly lined up, but i just made some slight changes, which was fine, and really they were only there as references anyway – but i was able to be a bit more fluid and start sculpting away from the drawings a little bit to make the character/model look a bit different.


In the end it all came together really quickly following the tutorials. I’m not finished yet though, got to finish the model and then rig it up ready for animating. I feel much more confident modelling a character, just got to master rigging in Maya and then actually animating a full character.

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