Project 1 – notes from sketchbook

These are pages from my sketchbook where i’ve just made some notes about different ideas that i’m still having for this project.


So i was trying to get back on track with this project and wrote a list of what i need to make sure i complete. I need to do this stuff and get this knowledge so that i can make an informed decision next year when it comes to animating my final piece. Someone mentioned final piece and the last year of uni is basically creating this one amazing video – i want to be able to create something amazing so there’s a lot of hard work in between now and then (less than a year!!)


Hey its that panda, thing, guy…


I really like this next idea about a guy who comes to sit down in a chair, but wait, the chairs not there anymore. Well where is it? hmm..

The adventures of ‘guy who cant find his chair and becomes pretty annoyed about it.’


I’ve been modelling a 3D character in Maya and its almost finished. I wrote up some notes when i set up the project folder and stuff. Its fairly useful when it comes to beginning any modelling in Maya, anyway:


I have a load of screenshots of my progress with modelling a full character in Maya which i am going to make a new post about in my blog soon. I’m almost finished modelling it so it will be the full thing, soon. Then i’ve got to rig it up and animate!


Yeah i tried to do this rough timeline of the idea, so i could see how it would space out and fill the time. But there are things missing from it – like various movements and facial expressions at various moments – if i do choose this idea i must properly plan out each movement and reaction – and maybe even act it out beforehand and record myself to see if it will work and look ok.


Possible dialogue for this animation would be an offscreen voice commanding the character to ‘sit down.’ And our character happy to oblige but there’s no chair anymore. ‘Oh! where that chair gone?..’ then the offscreen voice in the same tone saying ‘Sit Down, please!’ And steadily over time the character becomes more unhappy and just finally snaps and gets angry and sits on the floor.

I would probably no have the off screen commanding voice change tone, much. The character that will lose their cool is the one who’s tone changes, and hes the one who cant find the darn chair!


Andy (my lecturer) said this –

“You are God in maya (animation). It’s your universe. Be creative!”

-before showing us this video. I guess he just wanted to remind everyone that they really can do any kind of animation they like. There is no perceived best 3D animated style, it’s important to experiment with different things and try stuff out to see what works and get used to the software.

This is only a short preview but the full video is great. The animation again goes really well with the music, which i find with really good animations – the music accompanying it compliments the action on screen. The story is so simple, its a loop. The creature gathers more stuff, grows, then moves forward. When it reaches a certain point it begins destroying itself, throwing bits here and there. Then it must begin the journey all over again. A very simple and yet somehow really evocative piece. The design is simple, the colours – just black and white with some grey. The story is a simple loops and everything is kept really simple with this animation, but the movements are varied and really well animated. The creature changes the way it moves as it grows, becoming this large slower lumbering beast when it was a quicker littler creature before. All the debris flying about helps to create this chaotic world that the viewer tries to understand – and by the end they understand, theres closure to the story because we know what happens to the creature, stuck in the loop, seemingly forever.


When it comes to animation you can create anything that comes into your head – only limited by your ability to translate those thoughts onto the page, or into the computer using whatever software. Animation is freedom to express yourself and tell almost any story to an audience. Animation can be a lot of it can be very little, a subtle thing or a loud brash messy thing. It is whatever you can make of it.So keep that in mind i guess.


Random quick idea.

We see a character on screen. They have a hose in their mouths, with their hand on the tap. They look really depressed. A number appears on a screen and a light changes from red to green. They brace themselves and steady themself to turn the tap on. They close their eyes and a single tear rolls down their cheek – they turn on the tap. We hear whatever is in the hose rush into our characters mouth. They drink. It looks hard. They become weary, but collect themselves and chug! They grow in size. Bigger and bigger but still sucking from the hose. They explode. The room is a completely different colour now. As if the character was drinking paint and thats how they paint their rooms – with the death of someone.

The audience gets to see the character going through some feelings. They dont know what at first, but the internal monologue is the character forcing itself through this ordeal which is obviously not fun for them, and in the end kills them – all to paint a room. Its a silly and abrupt ending, so this is all about the buildup.

Would probably have to model a room, a hose, a tap and a screen and lights. The number that appears on the screen is the rbg number thing for the colour that the room gets painted.


The ‘did you do that thing dude?’ one



Final script idea:

Offscreen-voice: “Hey dude! dude? Heeeey, so did you do that thing? You know how important it is, right? Dude?! I really need to know dude, did you do it or not? is it done? Duuude!?! I really need it done?” Duude!””

Bob: *sarcastic eye roll, and then nodding. “yessssuh!”

Off-screen voice: “Good, because if you didn’t do it i don’t know what i’d do.” (trails off/ fades out)

Bob: *eyes go wide – realises he didn’t do the thing. (signified to audience by his actions, behaviour – as he becomes concerned and less cocky/ laid back and more fidgety and anxious)

Off-screen voice: “Ok well i think that everything, thanks again for doing that thing i really appreciate it. Dude? Are you ok?

Bob: *big nervous smile

Off-screen voice: “You didnt bloody do it did you?”

Ending ideas:
  1. Bob: *runs away
  2. Bob: *smiles nervously
  3. Bob: *starts laughing

Off-screen voice: “It’s not funny dude!”


I made the gif below on my phone, its really just a quick mishmash of ideas and things, i was just messing around. The movement is really pretty static, and each movement the guy makes is one movement after the other instead of more fluid and lifelike, although in some ways it makes the guy look kind of awkward in his body language and movements.


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