The Little Prince 2015

So I just watched this amazing little film today, based on the 1943 novel ‘Le Petit Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900–1944). It was really enjoyable with some absolutely beautiful stop-motion & 3D animation, fantastic characters, an amazing and well worked story and i would highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it.

The voice actors in The Little Prince:

Jeff Bridges, James Franco, Benicio Del Toro, Ricky Gervais, Paul Rudd, Paul Giamatti, Albert brooks, Rachel McAdams and Mackenzie Foy.

There’s some spoilers in this post so if you haven’t then please go and watch it before reading anything here, if you want to learn more about the film, its design or how it was made or whatever, then please read on!


If you are familiar with the original novel you will notice the film starts where the novel starts, with the pilot, who is telling the audience the story about his drawings of boa constrictors and how adults do not understand things and need everything explaining to them, which shows the audience a lot about the pilot already – he is not like other adults..

“One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eyes.” [1]

Its a story that can be enjoyed on different levels, and will entertain young and old alike. A story about the meaning of life..  The Little Prince novel is made for a child’s imagination, where reality and truth are not important, only what is possible in the realms of your own imagination matters. The author was a pilot, On December 30, 1935, at 02:45 am, after 19 hours and 44 minutes in the air, Saint-Exupéry, along with his copilot-navigator André Prévot, crashed in the Sahara desert. He also flew missions in WW2 and sadly disappeared during one of those missions, but the book and his legacy lives on in – 2 million sales world wide yearly, literary awards, multiple adaptations, the little Prince even featured on the 50 Franc note before the Euro and the French people voted The Little Prince the most important book of the 20th century.


In the film the pilot or ‘Aviator’ is an old man who we meet through the eyes of a young girl who lives with her mom. When the young girl does not get selected for a prestigious school her stressful mother moves them to a new house so she will go to that school anyway – the girls life is completely mapped out, every year, every month, every minute every day. Her mother works all day and late into the evening and the young girl does well to keep up with the schedule of work. Anyway the house they moved into has a very interesting neighbour, the old eccentric pilot in his old eccentric house – its very different from all the identical modern boxy houses in the area. The girl learns a lot from the old man and they become good friends – getting into all sorts of trouble together! The pilot tells the girl about a little prince he once met who travelled from an asteroid and his adventures. Its a really well made little film. I loved it.

Behind the scenes featurette:

The Stop-motion animation

Warm, charming and simple, represents the memory that the pilot has of his time with the little Prince, or perhaps how he wants to remember his time with the Little Prince, who might have profoundly affected his life.


A photograph of one of the stop-motion animation sets during filming:


The colouring and lighting in the film was fantastic, mirroring the mood and feel of the film as well as enhancing it and not staying the same all the time. The warmth of the pilot and princes world contrasts next to the more diverse real world.


The 3D Animation

Simply beautiful character designs, the fox was my favourite, the cute 3D toy and the paper stop-motion one as well.



He looks grumpy here (below) but he’s the nicest guy ever, although perhaps a little lonely, and hes odd for sure, but in a great way. Like he tries to fly his broken airplane in his back garden – its how he introduces himself to his new neighbours in fact!





[1] – The little Prince (1943) Novel  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

[2] –

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