Monologue vs internal monologue researching

In the project brief we have been asked to use both 2D and 3D elements, so i’m going to explore some animations that do just that.

Hybrid or 2D/3D animation examples can be found in many films, such as the Iron Giant in the Iron Giant, the cyclists in Triplets of Belleville, and Disney’s Treasure Planet. In some cases the 2D characters were drawn and then 3D appendages rendered to match the 2D portions after. Like John Silvers character in Treasure Planet:

Off his Rockers – Walt Disney

In this adorable animation the 3D rocking horse attempts to get the attention of the 2D child playing video games. The environment is also 3D, i think, at the end the desert bit is definitely 2D. I think this is an example where the hybridity really works well.

Technological Threat – an early hybrid animation example (1998)

Meet Buck

This animation uses mainly 3D – although its totally stylised so that it resembles a 2D animation – there are even 2D touches like smoke added to the animation.

It’s great being able to see the 3D model without the finished render as a model. The character is squared-off in shape in places and it really adds to the characters individual look.

Chapter 12 – Meet Buck

Interesting notes:

  • They made a resizable rig that could be retrofitted onto each of the characters – and in fact shared with other animating groups for their own projects (e.g. Salesman Pete)
  • Backgrounds were Photoshop paintings projected onto flat scenes.
Muffin Jack and jeremy

2D style + 3D modelling and rigging + flat painted backgrounds = awesome!

I’m really liking this style, not sure i’d accomplish it using Maya yet.. *-*

The character design for this little guy is awesome!! We are currently working on rigging a full character and the one we’ve been using is not very heavily stylised, something i want to explore a lot more with my 3D modelled characters.

Salesman Pete

Pixar behind the scenes…

Jinxy Jenkins & Lucky Lou Short Film” by Mike Bidinger & Michelle Kwon

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