Finished Zombie Arm Animation


My animation is just the zombie arm, and its pretty limited even then, i only got so much actual animation done in time, but then i was able to edit it together and by rendering some different angle i was able to create a final video that is 1 minute long with a couple of repeats. The arm can be seen lurching forwards, and although it is far from perfect, i am really happy that i was able to do what i have done. I feel as though now i would be able to model and rig and animate in Maya. The arm itself came out nicely, although the environment was severely lacking, i tried to keep it simple but it ended up probably being too simple. The lighting was a bit experimental as well, too dark initially, then perhaps too much intensity. but it all added to the dark feel of the video. I think the sounds i used in the film were appropriate for the content, and they add to the atmosphere, which makes the audience wonder what is happening, why the arm is severed and crawling along the ground, why there is gunfire and explosions – a future war perhaps where the dead are not all completely dead – or a future war with cyber super soldiers who are reaaaaallly hard to kill! 😛

I am now able to create a model, rig it properly and then animate it. After, i am able to successfully render the video (which i did a few times!) and then compile the video in Adobe Premier. So all in all it has not been really unproductive and i have learnt a lot, and i am looking forward to using Maya more in the future and developing my 3D skills!

Below is a screenshot of the animation in Premier. The purple blocks are the video and the green is audio (pink are titles). There was a lot of layering of audio and adding effects -audio gains and fades etc.


I think that this project has been a great  introduction to modelling more complex objects and the rigging is fascinating and makes me wonder what other kinds of characters i can bring to life in the future!



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