Maya VIDEO! – Zombie Arm Continued

I was finally able to finish rigging and readying my zombie arm, so tried to animate it a bit. I was able to make it look like it was lunging forward a little bit, and i decided to render it so that i could see what it would look like. It ended up being too dark and was a good opportunity for me to sort out all the little things before, like increasing the lights intensity;so now the mood of my finished animation should be dark and grungy and should match the zombie look a bit better.




The blue circles are the things i made which makes it easier to move the model and specific parts around when you are animating.


A render of the arm, it looks all shiny and weird. The red and greeny fingers give the arm more character in my opinion, and makes you wonder why it has green on its finger – from sticking its finger into something? EWWW! Or maybe more likely its rotting and dying and green from infection. Rather gross, but it is a reanimated zombie arm!


The green thing below is the camera, which i moved around the arm, making for a more interesting shot, there is a little zoom action as well!

Capture5Capture6Capture7This is an early render of the arm in the environment, it looks like it is bright enough, but this is the one that came out really dark before i increased the intensity and size of the light. Notice that the light moves across behind the camera, like the sun (not that its meant to be the sun, more just movement of light/shadows).


You can really produce some amazing results with Maya and i really have learnt a lot about how to model, rig, set attributes and animate.


This video is what i have managed to animate so far.It may not be a lot but its a zombie arm lunging forwards and i am over the mood with it. I then went and increased the light intensity and size to make the scene brighter – both feature in the video. More to come…

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