Robot arm progression

I have made some steady progress today with the robot arm, cleaning up and finishing the design and fixing some more issues i was having. While i was building my model the pivot points ended up moving, for various reasons; sometimes when i had extruded an object or joined two together, but either way i ended up getting everything back into order again so that it wasn’t a total and complete mess!


Smooth view of the arm
Like a lamp… (it could hop along like the Pixar lamp does…)


I ended up just getting rid of this piece, there was nothing wrong with it but it was a bit unnecessary really so i deleted it. 


Cleaner edges and generally looking better..
I have bravely tried to have a bit of an opening in the arms, just to see if it will screw up my model because i think it looks good, we shall see if i regret that!

So once i was happy with the completed model it was time to put the bone structure into the robot arm.


Different views are helpful.
It was tricky so i made sure to use the different perspective views to get it right. 
Finished bones!

I have been really enjoying learning how to model and rig everything in Maya, although i often spend more time fixing mistakes I’ve made, which is still learning, but frustrating! especially when i am following a tutorial or something and i still mange to make a  mistake – the upside of this is that i should be able to identify and solves more problems for myself in the future when working in Maya, but in the short term its just messing up my organisation and plans for this project, and time is slipping away..

I gave the arm a red colouring and made it shiny (blinn) 
I think it looks pretty good actually. 


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