Jon Burgerman


Jon Burgerman is an artist who studied Fine Art here at Nottingham Trent University and has gone on to become a huge success story. He exhibits his work internationally and lives in New York now and he’s won many awards for his art.


I really like his style and although I’ve only recently discovered him as an artist, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen his work before. He has a really cool cartoon modern style and uses bold lines and colours with quirky and off characters. Some of his stuff looks like its surreal or impressionistic, and it seems he draws inspiration from a few different places.




Some of his exhibitions are fantastic and the art he produces can appear in many different and varied ways and he using many different mediums, allowing him to experiment a lot.



A tutor here at Nottingham Trent university was telling me how Jon made a website and he used to send stickers (with his illustrations and his website on them) to anyone who signed up for his email list. A few month into doing this he went to the Tate modern in London and he saw one of his stickers on a lamppost! He was using the public to advertise his website and his brand of illustrations and stuff by giving them stickers for free. Stickers are great, and actually designing a set of characters who would work well as stickers and promote yourself is probably great practice – also getting your name and info out there in an often colourful way is a win!

2Jon’s work can be found not only in exhibitions or the street, but also on many different products, from clothing to phone covers and rugs, he’s also worked with Pepsi and his designs were on the cans.






The official website.

This is a website that’s dedicated to drawings that Jon has made of women he’s seen.

Here is (one of?) his other tumbler accounts.


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