Zombie arm progress in Maya

I painted my Zombie arm today. I wanted it to look very dirty and bloody and battered and bruised. After painting i was able to start creating the internal bone structure and begin rigging and setting attributes. I ended up spending more time painting than i should have, but it was really enjoyable, there’s something great about sculpting an object and then painting it and seeing the created thing – i cant wait to bring it to life when i animate it!




I added flesh colours and red blood, but i also used blue and green and yellow to make bruises and discolouring to the skin to make it more aged and rotting and hopefully realistic.


Frostbite and bruises (veins look great here..)



This is the paint job that i ended up going with, removing the black frostbitten fingers and i generally toned it down a little. I felt like the other one was just not quite right and although i liked it, i think this should look better and translate better when it comes to animating it.



Still got a pretty gnarly bloody stump!

Once the paint job was done and i was able to export the paint layers (and bump layer with the remodelling id done previously) into Maya. Then i could begin creating the bones and giving them attributes.



I used different perspective views to make it easier to get the bones in the right place.



It’s coming along..

I’ve somehow managed to lose some of the bones so i am going to have to figure out what i did wrong or am doing wrong and fix it.



All connected up and nearly ready! Still gotta do the fingers.


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