Robot Arm Progress

I began work on my robot arm today, and i have decided that i want to try and create a robot arm that looks different from the zombie arm, so i will be using a claw and not a hand. I begin by making a ball and socket part and then duplicating it so that they fit together and make up the forearm and bicep parts of the robot. But its a robot, so there will potentially be more joints than an ordinary human arm – giving it more movement.


I ended up giving it a claw which i made by extruding the faces of the model. I think that a three fingered claw should work well for what i want to do, and will give the robot its own character. The ball at the end of the robot arm is not very big, and its what the robot rolls around on all day long, i didn’t want to go too large with it but i think that it needs to be a little big bigger probably.  Also there should be a circle on the ball where the arm connects to it or something other than the indent that i have currently made.


When you view the claw in the smooth view it reminds me of fangs, specifically the Predators fangs when he takes off his mask. The arm could do with some more character, maybe a couple of battery packs on the sides or a missile here and there? Maybe some wires and a screen or something? I like the idea that this robot arm is like Walle, in that it was created to travel around and collect cool stuff (recycle and whatnot) and is a refuse organising and collections arm. So it would have a company name on the side maybe, and a unit number, as there would be many arms.


Here are all the parts lined up, the long arms can extend and retract, and the whole thing rolls around on a ball at its base. There are not four claws instead of three.



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