Maya Fofayyah!!

Here is the continued progression of my severed zombie arm that I’ve been sculpting in Maya. So far I’ve made a lot of mistakes and spent a lot of time trying to make the model look good, which ended up breaking the model a little bit.. 

Boom it’s an arm


I did my best to fix it all and eventually got it looking like it was fixed, the UV editor was a bit misleading though.. (it wasn’t, I was sculpting in the smooth view and that was where I went wrong at first. And when switching between the smooth and original view the UV editor changed and the whole thing was all over the place. It was all a bit confusing for the longest time).



Well they’re not scaled correctly and actually there’s a bit of overlap even here, I really thought they looked fixed here..

Cool view from Maya

Once the arm was completed in Maya (or so I thought..) i could take it into Mudbox and start painting it. You can also add texture and stuff, so I could add some little details and make the stump look more how I imagine it to look. Here’s what the arm looked like when i first sent it into Mudbox:

Geometrically amazeballs robot hand? Done!

I painted a base coat and then made a new layer and painted the flesh colours onto the arm, I think I ended up merging the layers anyway though. Slightly lighter skin colour on the underside of the arm and the palm, I painted the fingernails as well and then did some pinks and reds on the stump.


I was able to make the stump look really scarred and much more realistic in Mudbox, although the problems I was having with the UV caught up with me and I decided that although I had a model which would work fine and look ok(ish), I was going to see if I could go back and fix the issue.

With a little help I was able to get the model more or less fixed, by deleting some parts and remodelling them.

Here’s what I did before I scrapped it and went back..

Colours a bit off on this paintjob as I was still just getting a feel for colours and stuff.

I added a couple of raised veins in the hand and some scars in various places over the arm, just to give it some more character and realism.



A very bloody stump indeed
Like it was burned and torn and ripped from the owners body in a painful and traumatic incident.
Oh thank all the gods it looks kind of like a dang hand ya’ll!

Here is the resculpted arm model after the whole fiasco I had today, I sent it to Mudbox and was able to sculpt this..

Big gnarly scar on forearm
Mangled and messy stump
Epic veins and dimples and biz

And I think it looks way better than the last one, I added the same kind of things; scars, veins and the bloody gnarly stump.

Today i spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was wrong with everything so I wasn’t able to progress as much as I wanted, but the arm (hopefully) works now and is ready to be painted and then rigged up for animating, then I just have to do the robot arm and the environment they are in and I can actually start animating!

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