Maya Progression


I spent some time in Maya completing my human/zombie arm model. I was able to finish the model and unwrap the UV and then i imported it into Mudbox and was able to colour it there. It was then that the computer crashed and had to be restarted. Meaning in lost a bunch of work, all my mudbox art and also the twenty-something screenshots i had taken of my progress. Ah well..


So i started again. Adding the details like fingernails and defining the knuckles and hand a bit more.








Overall i think the arm and hand look like how i want them to looks – thin(ish) and bony, in tact and human. When i paint it the arm will really come to life!




I had all sorts of problems with the UV editor today… Sometimes it was working well and others its looked like such a mess and i would never be able to sort it out completely..


The hand has more detail now and i spent a long time troubleshooting and trying to figure out what was up with the UV editor, so it was a fairly productive day!

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